Sunday, 25 August 2013


Two adults. One is researching on the internet. The other is hanging wallpaper.

Two young people. One is writing, replying to emails. The other is hanging wallpaper with the adult who is hanging wallpaper.


It's much nicer for us, as home educators, not to ask a school headteacher for permission to take our children out of school, subject to the headteacher's approval, of course. Nicer, and somehow fitting, because they are OUR children. They belong not to schools but to families.

Home educating families get the best deals on cheap holidays because they can go anytime.

Another one of the million reasons to home educate.

Sunday, 11 August 2013


We've done something different the last few weeks.

We've gone outside our boxes.

We've expanded our horizons. You might say we've landed on new planets to discover new things.

How have we done this?

As a family, we co-operated and hosted some students who were learning English as a foreign language.

They chose us as the family they wanted to spend some time with.

I hope that they learned some English from us. (I know that they did). No doubt they discovered also that our family values learning. That my young people are well-mannered and helpful, and that we all care about each other, and we all care about knowledge.

And we made friends with three people we probably would've never met if we hadn't opened those boxes and tried something new.

Not bad for a few weeks in summer, was it?