Saturday, 27 June 2009

Bad man lyrics (R Kelly)

Just had to post this because I've been laughing myself off my chair at the lyrics!

"You see really I don't

Give a damn what you may think of me

(That's right you're a bad ass nigga)

I'mma do what I'mma do, I'mma say what I'mma say

(You think you're a bad ass nigga)

Ya understand what I'm saying?

Well you better

I was born in these streets

Raised in these streets

Walked in these streets

Taught by these streets

Lived in these streets

Hustled in these streets

Arrested in these streets

Protected by these streets

Yeah you know I walk

Through the valley of these streets

I shall not fear these streets

Because I run these streets

(Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa)

And I've paid my own dues

With my own pennies and now


I'm a bad man I'm not ashamed of

A bad man yeah

And don't need your love

I'm a bad man yeah

I'm not ashamed of

I'm a bad man

My life's made me tough

I've stood on these blocks

More hood on these blocks

Got paid on these blocks

Sprayed on these blocks

Moved in on these blocks

Went out on these blocks

I've been around the block

Been watched on these blocks

Yeah you know I walk

Through the valley of these blocks

I shall not fear these blocks

Because I run these blocks, yeah

(Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa)

Paid my own dues with my own pennies

And I'm


Now I believe the day will come

When my heart will decide to change

But until then

See everything will remain the same


See sometimes I gotta tell myself

(I'm a bad man)

To keep surviving

And no matter what the cause

(I'm a bad man)

I gotta keep on keeping on yeah

Came up in these streets

(I'm a bad man)

There was no father there for me, hey ooh

(I'm a bad man)

Cause sometimes we would just have to go without eating

Hey how you like me now?

(I'm a bad man)

Give my life for my brother

See I'm a bad mother SHUT YOUR MOUTH

(I'm a bad man)

Go on, go on, go on, go on..."




I feel it, you know, creeping up my spine, seeking the flesh of my back, sliding down towards my fingers.

It seeps into the interstitial fluid, washing and nourishing my every single cell.

An osmosis of potency.

Of Power.

You want a soup├žon of hell?

I can dish it up

All opposition is swilled away

In the volcanicity of my righteous rage

Now is my time

I find my power - I claim it

Glowing darkly

Dervish I whirl, and, in spinning, I send the vortex of my virtue

To obliterate you

The foe who would rip open the delicate chrysallis to prod the developing butterfly

Wanton Destroyer

My embryonic beauty I will spread my mighty wings over you to shield you from the eyes of

I will settle you on my back to elevate you above the clouds until you can fly alone on enduring wings

And then I will laugh as I watch you soar and play among the heavens

And shed the cares of earth

And claim your Power

Saturday, 20 June 2009

I am fire!

I am fire!

I am the light that illuminates the world, and hastens the dark to sleep.

I am fire!

I am the red heat in the furnace of caring and tender mercy.

I am fire!

I am the gentle flames of sweet charity as she gives unstintingly of herself to make others great.

I am fire!

I am the earth's mighty winged sword fashioned by the elements to prevent harm.

I am fire!

I leap from heart to heart like faith rekindled.

I am fire; I burn unquenched and shower my sparks upon the faithful heart.

I am fire; I burn away lies and falsehoods. I sear away the black need to control and alter other souls.

I am fire; I kindle the dancing fire of a woman's heart, of a man's love.

I am fire!

I am the shining flame of adoration for your children, the children you bore in pain and hold in infinite tenderness.

I am the unceasing radiance of creation.

I am the leaping, glowing candlelight of a mother as she croons to her newborn.

I am fire!

I am the roaring flames of your convictions and your belief in your children.

I am fire!

I will protect you. Believe in me. Believe in yourselves. I am fire! The very protective flame of parenthood itself. The very desire of life to produce life. The very essence of your loving souls.

I am fire; I will never desert you. I will never grow dim. I am the flame that burns steady in the dark times. I am the leaping energy that fills you with certainty.

I am fire!

I am fire eternal. I am the shimmering flame of your spirit.

I am fire!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Bully for You

The saying has come down to us from history: "Bully for you" meaning essentially well done. Sometimes it has a little edge of sarcasm to it.

Arthur: "I got 98% on the Maths test this week."

Jim: "Well, bully for you, I got four right. Smart ass."

Tim Field who studied bullying for many years and was himself bullied at work which resulted in illness reckoned that fifty percent of the population have been bullied.

Bullying, as opposed to assault or harassment, is characterised by "an accumulation of many small incidents over a long period of time." Many different bullies colonise many different niches, one being the corridors of power, and considering the possibilities and opportunities for bullying in the highest positions in the land it is small wonder that these people congregate there.

"Often there is a grain of truth (but only a grain) in the criticism to fool you into believing the criticism has validity, which it does not; often, the criticism is based on distortion, misrepresentation or fabrication."

Home educators have been criticised in many areas during the past few years. They have fought off officious and sanctimonious attacks from the pulpits of preachers condemning what they know not of. Local authorities have whined that home educators may abuse their children. Yes, they might, but so might local authority employees. We have been misrepresented as twisted statistics testify in Home Education Review by Graham Badman as seeing the social services more. This may be easily explained by the fact that many children with Special Educational Needs are over-represented in the home educated group of children: they are the ones who probably suffer most from the inflexible and impersonal confines of school. Other home educating children have been reported to social workers because of misunderstandings about home education and because of some malicious impulse from neighbours or other busy -bodies.

"In society, being singled out and treated differently; for instance, everyone else can get away with murder but the moment you put a foot wrong - however trivial - action is taken against you."

Children can die on school trips but no one calls for closer surveillance of schools - the deaths are explained as accidents. Let a man or woman slap the home educator label on him or herself and he or she is immediately branded a child abuser. So much so, that the very authorities who are given the task of checking out genuine cases of abuse and turn their backs and walk away, are in a furore of righteous vigour about the rights of children to be 'safe.' Just a little two-faced when various authorities have been found less than able to deal with genuine abuse cases. Then a few inconsequential people are sacked, their careers are ruined of course, but someone has to be the sacrificial lamb. Meanwhile the ones who are left in post clamour for more powers to assess the condition of more children who are perfectly safe in their family units.

"Finding that everything you say and do is twisted, distorted and misrepresented." I imagine that autonomous learners who spoke with Graham Badman could testify that whatever they said was challenged, belittled or ignored. Badman has certainly chosen not to avail himself of a google search which would bring up many research reviews for autonomous learning; however, bullies tend not to want to examine the truth or anything which contrasts with their world view.

"Having your responsibility increased but your authority taken away." Mr. Badman would have us submit detailed plans of future educational direction, possible in some cases, but impossible in autonomously educating children's cases. Our authority as parents would be severely compromised should we accept the devolution of our position to mere 'stakeholders' in our children's lives. Our authority as human beings would be blighted were we required to explain every move to hostile local authority agents. We are captains of our educating ships and do not expect to file shipping plans with the remote authority on shore.

Now to focus attention on a bully.

He or she is also ... "aggressive, devious, manipulative, spiteful, vengeful, doesn't listen, can't sustain mature adult conversation, lacks a conscience, shows no remorse, is drawn to power, emotionally cold and flat, humourless, joyless, ungrateful, dysfunctional, disruptive, divisive, rigid and inflexible, selfish, insincere, insecure, immature and deeply inadequate, especially in interpersonal skills."

I don't know Mr. Badman personally, nor have I ever met him even briefly, but I can attest that he is devious. He wanted his words left unreported when Education Otherwise members had a meeting with him. He doesn't listen: many articulate and deeply committed parents of autonomous children sought to detail the joy and pleasure of child-led learning to him but he was either not listening or was uncomprehending. He was given a CBE in January 2008 for services to education and local government by the Department of Children Schools and Families (DCSF), was Specialist Adviser to the Education and Employment Parliamentary Select Committee (1997) and is chummily referred to as 'Graham' in a letter from Ed. Balls, the Secretary of State for the DCSF, one can fairly assume then that he is drawn to power.

Bullies select their targets from amongst people who are excelling and succeeding in their endeavours. They resent others who "show independence of thought or deed." They target those who are experts "and the person to whom others come for advice, either personal or professional (ie you get more attention than the bully)." Patently, home educators are experts on home education and the bullying technique of appointing representatives of a review panel who were ignorant of, or largely uneducated in, the vast areas of complicated strands in which home education exists was apparent. No one should be an expert on home education but Mr. Badman, not those who practice it and not those who participate in it.

Unfortunately, as proponents of a generally superior system of education, we have drawn attention to ourselves and have become targets. "Our performance unwittingly highlights, draws attention to, exposes or invites unfavourable comparison with the bully's lack of performance (the harder you work to address the bully's claims of underperformance, the more insecure and unstable the bully becomes)." The multifarious failings of the state school system threaten and undermine a person who has spent forty years being an apologist for the regular school system.
It would have been surprising, after all, if Graham Badman had produced an impartial and unbiased report.

Since we dedicated home educators have "honesty and integrity (which bullies despise)," I hope that Winston Churchill is correct when he writes: "The truth is incontrovertible; malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is."

All quotations or paraphrased quotations are taken from the website, Bullyonline, started and caringly nurtured by the incomparable Tim Field who died of cancer on January 15th, 2006. It has no connection with another website Bullyingonline, now renamed Bullying UK.

To Tim Field, a man who spoke out for all the workers under other men's boots. Rest in peace.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Some people say...

Some people say it's alright to leave children in school to be assaulted, battered and otherwise shamed to the depths of them.

Some people say it doesn't bother them if children are bullied in schools because they were bullied in schools when they were kids and it didn't hurt them.

Some people say it's alright to decide what other people should wear, eat and think.

Some people say home educators should be monitored because we need to protect their poor little kiddies who can't speak for themselves.

Some people say it's fine to write a report which will affect many disparate people and their children and not consider what you are proposing or care just because you think you know everything about something you know nothing about.

Some people say it's perfectly reasonable to club and beat up people who are exercising the right to protest against what other people say.

Some people say home education is a cover for abuse while turning their backs on the countless incidents of spirit-draining abuse that goes on in institutions.

Some people say they want home educators to jump through hoops of testing like little performing monkeys because... well, there's no reason.

Some people say it's life to let a child sit next to a wall crying and sobbing while her 'friends' tell her she's fat and stupid and she'll never get a boyfriend.

Some people say you shouldn't interfere when a gang of big boys has a skinny little boy down on the ground and is kicking his head in and the blood is running down the street in the gutter.

Some people say that teachers are experts, but other people say experts in what exactly?

Some people say that cooping children up in small smelly too hot or too cold boxes is good for them, when others say let them run free and enjoy themselves because there's not enough enjoyment in the world and they'll grow up soon enough and have the cruel punishment of paying taxes.

Some people say it's progress to slash into the lungs of our world called the rain forests.

Some people say they love monitoring because it gives them the chance to have an adult approve of what they do, and it's often because they have no confidence because no one ever listened to their ideas and saw them as valid or approved of what they said or did.

Some people say it's OK to let another person judge you, but the bible says "Judge not, lest you be judged" and what goes around comes around, and the American Indians say you shouldn't judge a man until you've walked a mile in his moccasins.

Some people say that it's not due process to have Badman write a review, and try to kettle people doing the best for their children.

Some people say I don't mind if my child is weighed and measured at regular intervals, and, when he fails, he never recovers from the disapproval but that's the way it goes.

Some people say it doesn't matter to them if teenagers, wear hoodies, shout abuse at old ladies with sticks cutting through the parks, because that's what all teens are like really.

Some people say oh I'd leave baby Donald in a nursery because everyone there is CRB checked and he'll be alright because I need to go to work to buy more things which I don't need.

Some people say oooh, it's nearly the end of the summer holidays and I can't wait for school to open so I can get rid of little Tiffany and Reginald because they're driving me mad and the babysitter is sick and I can't get out on my own and shoe shop.

Some people say my kid has no brain because the teacher can't get through to him and he keeps escaping over the fence around school to go talk in the park about peace and love and stuff.

Some people say that a sixteen foot, sixteen year old should go to school and, when he tells them he won't, his mother should pay a fine or go to prison or something because she's a bad mother because she doesn't force him to go to school.

Some people say it's good to force someone to do something because it's good for them.

Some people say I'll tell you what to do because I'm an expert who gets paid and I'll get paid even more because I'm telling you what to do.

Some people say there's an economic crunch on so that's why the banks are paying old people a few pennies of interest on their savings, but those people can find funding to subjugate others and safeguard their children by interviewing them in a room alone, that is without their parents.

Some people say it doesn't go far enough to monitor home educators because the abusers (oh, not you, dear, we know you're nice and middle-class and you won't hurt your babies) can be tricky and we have to REALLY stop them by putting cameras in every room in their houses, and bug their phones, and ask their neighbours to keep watch on them because they're filthy rotten crims, you know, and it's OK to spy on people in the lav because Big Brother does it and it's on telly so it must be cool, mustn't it?

Some people say they like it when other people tell them what to say.

Some people say I don't mind monitoring because I've got nothing to hide, but other people say that's not the point, they can make stuff up or change the laws when they want to catch you, even if you have nothing to hide.

Some people say we welcome monitoring for home educators because we are school teachers and we think it's important for kidz to git n'educashun, innit.

Some people say we think it's great to force other people to do things.

Some people say we like tasers because the police are always right and if they think someone is being naughty it's best to shoot electricity into their bodies because the tasered people might shoot other people and hurt them, mightn't they?

Some people say they think it's a good idea to put other people in prison for what the other people are thinking.

Some people say they think it's a good idea to put other people in prison for what they think the other people are thinking.

Some people said they didn't notice when Hitler came for the dirty gypsies, the economically useless thickos and people who had no legs and sent them for a lovely cool shower because cleanliness is next to godliness, and gassed them.

Some people said good riddance.

Some people.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

In any report

In any report, you should have enough courtesy to quote your statistics.

In any report, you should have the decency not to lie.

In any report, you should mind what you say because you could rip families apart and tear children to pieces.

In any report, you should know better than to quote people who have no decency or honour, and who lie without compunction and who are openly liars.

In any report, you should be able to divorce yourself from the prospect of making money from other people's misery, or get someone else to write the report.

In any report, you should have the civility to be honourable and fair.

In any report, you should check your facts and check your facts again, weeding out any suspicious 'facts' that you cannot support.

In any report, you should mind what you say because what you say could smash children's safe havens where they escaped to from bullies and shouting teachers and the slog of eternal tests and quizzes and homework when you'd been at school all day and wanted a rest and a play because you were a kid after all, and the weariness of being taught and being frightened by not achieving and not attaining, and being found wanting, and being called names and being branded an 'outsider' and being called gay and being hit by bigger kids and being laughed at in the shower while they pointed at your penis and having chewing gum stuck in your newly-washed hair in the science lab and searching for your carefully constructed story that you poured all your creativity into which disappeared off a pile of work and hearing whispers about you that you couldn't quite hear but felt were about you, and being asked if you had nits by six different people on the first day of school in a new school when you didn't but they didn't like you because you wrote good stories and the teacher approved of you because of your writing, and being herded through huge corridors and knocked from one side to the other because big people barged past you or called you 'cute' and thought you looked like a doll, and someone stole your favourite pens out of your very own pencil case and you never knew people who nicked things before, and you found your coat on the floor of the cloakroom with a ripped sleeve and boot and shoe prints all over it and it was your only winter coat, and your mum couldn't afford to buy you another one, and girls who wanted to be your friend and asked to borrow your gel pens never returned them and weren't your friends after they borrowed them and wouldn't speak to you and giggled with each other if you tried to talk to them, and the girl who was your friend lasted a week and moved on to another friend and another friend and another friend until she'd been through everybody.

You could hurt people doing that.

My children are not sausages - they have rights!

My children are not sausages. They do not need to be grilled.

All children have rights.

All children have a right to be safe...
from barely literate uncomprehending over-stretched ticky box faceless cold bureaucrats who dare to judge anyone else on anything. You failed my child when she left school in tears, dreading the next day of school, terrified of some other children, wanting to be dead rather than schooled. I will keep her safe from you.

Judge not lest ye be judged.

My children have a right to be protected...
from social workers unable to distinguish abuse from real family life. We are not perfect parents. We don't smack our children (which you have failed to ban) and we don't lie to our children (like you do in your Bad Home Education Review) and we don't listen to them just to ignore what they say. We will respect our young people for they deserve respect, and that is a right they have a right to.

"Adoption targets were brought in seven years ago, when Tony Blair was trying to persuade social workers to find adoptive homes for more children.The then Prime Minister set targets to raise the number of children being adopted by 50 per cent to 5,400 every year.He promised millions of pounds to councils that managed to achieve the targets. Some have already received more than £2million for successful adoptions.Campaigners say the number of babies under a month old being taken into care and then adopted has risen from 500 in 1997 to 1,300 a year. Last year a BBC investigation discovered more than 100 claims of miscarriages of justice by parents whose children were taken by social workers for adoption.The Radio Four Face the Facts programme quoted social workers who admitted they are under pressure to take children because of Whitehall targets to increase adoption.Last night Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming, who has been campaigning against inappropriate adoption of babies, said: "Councils are in a big rush to take babies at a very early stage because it is makes it easier to break the attachment that naturally forms between baby and mother over time."This case illustrates again how the system is not working in the interests of the children or the families, it's working in the interests of the bureaucracy. "What's unique about this case is not the unlawful removal of a child, but that some lawyers have sufficient backbone to make the right application to the court to have the child returned to its mother."Mr Hemming added: "There are financial rewards - a fund of about £35million - for getting children adopted. Admittedly, it has been proposed that adoption targets are scrapped on April 1, but clearly there are still problems."Layton Bevan, co-founder of Families and Social Services Information Team, a support group for families frustrated by social services' actions, said: "It's obscene the way some social services can take children away from parents without the proper paperwork."We are aware of this happening in hundreds of cases a year through the sheer incompetence and organisational failure of social services departments."If they need to meet adoption targets they will do it by taking children from vulnerable families."Worryingly, the social services involved seem to have no accountability and ride roughshod over the law and the parents and children involved."

Children have a right to an education...
now that the masters have closed the mills and the mines where they used to get their 'education' where do they go?

"Do we really need school? I don't mean education, just forced schooling: six classes a day, five days a week, nine months a year, for twelve years. Is this deadly routine really necessary? And if so, for what? Don't hide behind reading, writing, and arithmetic as a rationale, because 2 million happy homeschoolers have surely put that banal justification to rest."

Children have a right to live, learn and exist in peace in a society...
which doesn't see them as human capital, human resources, or economic units forced to run and run ever faster to fabricate wealth for someone who is already obscenely wealthy, and who doesn't even know their names.

"In the UK, 1 per cent of the population owns appoximately 21 per cent of the UK's marketable wealth, and 50 per cent of the population owns only 7 per cent of wealth."

Children have the right not to be seen as objects...
to be weighed, measured, grilled, interviewed, assessed, experimented upon or otherwise abused by a society that should treat them and their parents with honour.

"Children's independent mobility and access are routinely undermined by the structures and constraining values of contemporary urban environments. Although they are major users of their local areas, children are conspicuous by their absence in discussions about transport, planning and environmental health and there have been few attempts in the UK to modify the urban environment so that children's needs are met. Instead, behaviour modification approaches have predominated, in which children are seen as objects to be fitted into the adult constructed world. In place of such victim blaming approaches a new public health analysis would emphasize environmental and social influences on children's quality of life. Manipulation of the urban environment rather than the child offers the best prospects for creating cities that are healthier—for children and consequently for other vulnerable users. In this process the views of children themselves need to be heard, so that policy makers make realistic decisions about how urban environments are designed and managed."

Children have a right not to be forced into prison...
because their parent is unaware of the creeping evil of the Every Child Matters rhetoric which makes strangers, who don't provide food, roof, bed, clothes... everything for them, judges over the minutiae of their lives.

"The Government's aim is for every child, whatever their background or their circumstances, to have the support they need to:
be healthy
stay safe
enjoy and achieve
make a positive contribution
achieve economic well-being."

Children have a right to their own ambitions and dreams...
and the right to achieve them or not as is their destiny and their desire.

"Kate needs all the help she can get when she encounters the Lanky Man. He's mean and heartless, and he wants to steal children's dreams."

Children have a right to be treated as sentient, able people and not patronised by officials who wilfully and totally disregard everything they say.

The Home Education Review

Friday, 12 June 2009

You weren't there

You weren't there when I first saw the blue line in a little window.

You weren't there when I told her father that we were to be parents.

You weren't there when I felt the first unimaginably gentle butterfly wings against my stomach.

You weren't there when I threw up all over, in the house, out of the house, and the car got hammered too.

You weren't there when I saw the outline of a real live baby on the strange topography of the scan.

You weren't there when the huge force of nature opened me and shook me and bent me and stole my breath in momentous labour pains.

You weren't there when she came out, purple-faced with blue eyes gleaming, raising hell with a piercing demanding cry.

You weren't there when she rose up and tottered towards the toy basket, and then fished inside for something she wanted and grabbed at it with a squeak of mastery.

You weren't there when I dressed her in an infinitely tiny skirt and a miniscule sweater embroidered with the school logo, and told her that she would 'enjoy school.'

You weren't there when her school shoes were put in the shower and soaked in the middle of winter.

You weren't there when she shivered and coughed and felt really ill in P.E. standing about, listening to the teacher drone on about nothing much in -1 degree weather.

You weren't there when the light died out of the gleaming blue eyes because the girls in her class wouldn't play with her or talk to her or team up with her in any games or classroom endeavours.

You weren't there when she bowed her head under the insults and the insolent stares of hostile kids.

You weren't there when they forced her up against a toilet wall, two against one, and pulled her arms back until she managed, thank God, to squirm free of their malice and their hatred.

You weren't there when the lovely girl got paler and paler, and took on the greyness of transparency.

You weren't there when we walked into school for the hundredth time to complain about the bullying.

You weren't there when they said it was her fault that she got bullied because she was 'too quiet' and I said how the hell can you be too quiet, and when was it a crime to be peaceful?

You weren't there when they made fun of her favourite comfortable shoes.

You weren't there when they tried to trip her up in P.E. because they wanted to hurt her and make her fall and make her look stupid in front of the rest of the class, and hurt her and hurt her and hurt her.

You weren't there.

Why are you there now, demanding access to see if I'm abusing her, you infernal condoners of abuse and misery. You two-faced harridans with your human rights that you choose to ignore when it damn well suits you?

Go save the children who ARE there. Those you are supposed to care for. Go. Take up your true responsibilities and leave my family alone.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

We have to protect your little ones - from you!

I'd like to ask the government: "Why didn't you just stop me having a baby?

You don't trust the way I educate. You don't trust the way I feed my family. You don't trust me not to hurt my babies. You don't trust me to look after my children. Younglings I cradled in my womb, that I protected from soft cheese and nasty chemicals, that I kept calm for, that I sang to, that my hands washed tiny little clothes for. Children I would gladly give my life for. That I would bleed my veins dry for. For whom I would tear my heart out to make their time on this earth worthwhile to them.

Well, let me tell you, and it may come as a shock, LAs and government, nobody trusts you. Nobody believes your vile calumnies. No one swallows the bile you vomit. NO ONE. Not one.

The putative author of the scurrilous review on Home Education called (fittingly) Badman is a liar. There are no abusing home educators. There are immense home educators who stand by themselves against your outrages, against your perfect educational system that makes children cry and makes them bleed and kills their spirit and sometimes - so sadly - their bodies. The powers that be can produce no proof of home educators' abuses. They can spew out only endless unholy spin and venomous lies, and the great British public is hep to it all. The great British public know. They are aware. They know that the vile creatures in Parliament have an agenda. To be the Pied Piper. To disappear our hearts' darlings, to lure away our babies. They have a sinful agenda. A miserable set of evil men who know nothing of all-giving love and spume hatred in every thought they think and every sentence they utter. They claim we are abusers. We, who would sacrifice every atom of our parent bodies to protect and cherish our children, are accused.

Even if there were abusing home educators, that's not enough to put other home educators in prison, you know.

There was a murderer called Peter Sutcliffe. All men called Sutcliffe haven't gone to goal to rot.

The great British public know you, you vile creatures. They see your tricks. They see through your transparent attempts to shift the blame from social workers who stood by while children were tortured to death, who ignored their screams for help, who turned their backs on children who held out their bloodied hands to have you pull them free. You can shift the blame, but the blame will wing straight back to you like a vulture to circle you again. To pinpoint the blame, to apportion the guilt. The guilt YOU bear.

In the second world war, Britain stood alone against tyranny and oppression. She stood alone against the full fury of a demented Third Reich. She stood alone, undefiled, brave, and never ever defeated. Now, to her infinite shame, Britain IS tyranny itself. Britain stands mired in her filth, bowed down with treachery from within. Truth is readily smeared with lies when lies will blind the thoughtless and bind them to the will of the barbarians in Parliament and their dancing bears like Badman. Blameless, peaceable people whose children have often already suffered from the relentless torture of bullying are now to be bullied in their own homes. Are now to be sought out and questioned like criminals. Like very felons. Those innocents - when can they rest from this? When can they cease striving and crying, and know that they are safe from the heedless evil of an uncaring system? The Pied Piper who knows nothing of love but all of control.

Did you die for this, men in the French churned-up poppy fields during WWII? Did you drown for this you sailors mired in the muck at the bottom of the seven seas? You brave airmen who disintegrated into atoms after the furies struck your planes, did you die for this? Mothers and babies blown up by enemy bombs in their own little homes? Did you die for this savage betrayal of freedom? Did you perish giving birth to this unbearable mockery? This travesty called 'liberty'?

Did you die to salvage freedom for your heirs?

Did you die in vain?

Did you?

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Go on, humiliate me some more!

Blog entries: Two for one every Wednesday.

Courtesy of some magnificent classical music - Marriage of Figaro at the moment of typing - I'm posting this because my flabber is truly gasted. (Wonderful word, isn't it? Flabbergasted). And it takes a lot to gast my flabber these days.

"Ah!" you cry. "Is it due to the leaked secret promise of the absolutely unfabulous conflagration of lying pile of steaming... er the Badman-led Review of Home Education in which he most probably will reveal his utter contempt of anyone who eschews school appearing tomorrow in every newspaper that can declare all home educators to be lying, Satan-following, child chastising, odd-balls who should be locked away from their children forthwith?

"No", I reply. "It's this." Filched from the Liberty website to whom all thanks and what not.

'Yvette Cooper urged to dump James Purnell’s drug tests for the unemployed
08 Jun 2009
Liberty is today joining forces with the Royal College of Psychiatrists and the National AIDS Trust to call on Yvette Cooper, the new Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, to reverse James Purnell’s policy of submitting benefit claimants to compulsory drug and alcohol tests.
In a joint letter to the new Secretary of State, the heads of these three organisations urge her to drop provisions from the Welfare Reform Bill that would force people on job-seekers benefit to disclose private information about their drug and alcohol use. Anyone who refuses or fails to comply would face invasive drug and alcohol tests or lose their benefit payments. Shami Chakrabarti, Director of Liberty, said: “Degrading poor people in the middle of a recession is no way for Labour to rediscover its soul or its vote. The smooth assassin may have thought it acceptable to force unemployed parents to choose between their dignity and feeding their kids. Surely Yvette Cooper knows better.” The provisions in question – Clause 9, Schedule 3 of the Welfare Reform Bill – are due to be debated in the House of Lords tomorrow. Under this proposed legislation, someone claiming jobseekers allowance could have their benefit taken away if they are dependent on or “have a propensity to misuse” drugs or alcohol. Contact: Mairi Clare Rodgers on 020 7378 3656 or 07973831128 Notes to Editors 1. Yvette Cooper is a former Human Rights Minister who was appointed Secretary of State for Work and Pensions in last week’s Cabinet reshuffle. She takes over from James Purnell who oversaw the drafting of the Welfare Reform Bill. 2. Liberty’s joint briefing with the Royal College of Psychiatrists is available here: '

Unemployed? We'll test you for drug misuse. Then what? When you find Clarence misusing drugs because he had a bloody awful childhood that he can't forget except through ingesting a few dodgy substances and now is addicted, will you then STOP his benefits? Because he's SO ready to get and keep a job, isn't he now? Or what will you do with Mary Beth whose partner has waltzed off with her best friend, and she's relying on the odd drop of the hard stuff to stop her personality disappearing into a black hole for the kids' sake? Vulnerable people are not always child-shaped, you know.

These people are unemployed - apparently not a misfortune or a choice in this society. Unemployment is a CRIME.

So you see a poor unemployed geezer lying still in the middle of the road, do you pass by, dear politicians? Or would you pick him up, drape your suit jacket around his sagging shoulders, take him home, gently put salve on his cuts and bruises, brew him up some nice strong tea and place in front of him half of your whopping great dinner...?

Of course you wouldn't. You'd go straight over and put the boot in.

When is consent not consent?

When IS consent not consent? When it doesn't agree with you, of course.

Children are to be asked if they like being home educated. "Catalina, do you like being home educated?"

"Yes, I do," replies Catalina.

The enquirer turns away, staring hard at the parent nearby. "Ah, I see your mother. Do you actually LIKE home education or does your mother want you to say you like home education?"

Catalina is six. She doesn't comprehend the question. The enquirer nods, marks it down in his little black book. Child says she likes being home educated but is only saying that because her mother wants her to say she likes being home educated.

This is one of the reasons that I don't think it's a good idea for children (in some cases) to be grilled like hamburger on a griddle by unscrupulous agents who will twist the children's words to suit the purposes of the agent. However, in some cases, some children will turn around and flame the griller to turn the grilled into the grillee.

And if we refuse to let the agents see our children, refuse to allow the agents to grill our children like hamburger on a griddle? Then there is cause for alarm. Loads of red flags wave in the breeze. Agents get agitated. Police are called. People bring riot gear. They manoeuvre battering rams into place. (Don't snort 'that is ridiculous'. It happened to one home educating family).

Children may not want to talk to strangers. Heck, I seldom do myself. Young people may not enjoy speaking to people with forked tongues and be too polite to say "Mrs. Agent, you are talking complete bilge. Will you please go away now and let me finish watching 'Hamlet' in Greek?"

This is why we don't 'engage' and 'have good relationships with LAs.'

We know, down to the bone, that these agents swallow the whale of lies that the government thrusts down their gullets. That 'school is safe' (often absolutely untrue) and that 'children cannot learn unless they're at school' (cancel their piano and kung fu lessons on Tuesday and Thursday evenings - you're wasting your money).

These agents don't think and don't question. They don't peer behind the rhetoric. They don't challenge the complete and utter rot. Don't or won't.

Either way, they are no fit company for our children.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

We are the sun, not the wind

There's an Aesop's fable - maybe you know it? - where the sun and the wind make claims to be the stronger. They spy a man walking along a country road, and decide to test who is the strongest of them. The test will be which of them makes the man remove his coat. The wind blows himself up a storm, but the man merely pulls his coat tighter and tighter around him. The sun, however, shines and shines, and the man gets hotter and hotter until he takes off his coat.

We are the sun. We are the life-giving sun.

My children are my abiding and absolute love in my life. There is nothing I wouldn't do for my children to ensure their happiness and their health, as far as I am able. I love them. I adore them.

They are amazing people. I never see them as less than two individual miracles. They arose from love and in love, and in love and respect they dwell in my house.

I demand respect for them. I wish them to travel through life being respected and having their words matter to others, not tossed aside as just bleatings or whinings or complaints.

My children are all to me. My children are my gift to the future. I acknowlege the earth and know I am one with her as she procreates in springtime. My power is infinite because my power is of creation. I created life. I have given the gift of life.

What do men of little minds give? What does Graham Badman give? What do he and his greedy panel of 'experts' know of my children? Nothing. They know nothing. They conceive only death and decay. They are static takers of the world's goods. They understand nothing. They are not of earth though they will be earth.

They have no power except the inconstant worldly power of false promises and unreal words. They seek to restrain angels, and mock the deep earth from whence we all are nourished with their unreality and their foolish clacking chatter.

They will pass away.

We will abide.

I am a mother. I have infinite power.

I am a mother. You threaten the freedom of my little ones. I am a mother. Hear me roar.