Wednesday, 20 April 2016

You know, I look back in disbelief

In about 2004, we were seriously considering home educating our girls.

I happened to know someone who was already home educating her girls so I asked her loads of
questions about home education.

I already knew it was legal.

She told me about Education Otherwise which I thought was an institution. At first, I didn't understand that it was 'staffed' by volunteers, by those who had gone ahead on the challenging road that is less travelled.

It took me a while of asking questions on lists.  I think my yahoo list was my best friend during that

Someone always answered my questions for which I am very grateful.  Sometimes it took people a
few hours or even days to get back to me, but they always did.

A lot of those people no longer home educate:  their children are grown.  Unfortunately, some of those incredibly patient souls have passed on.

To every one of you I extend a hearty thank you.  You taught me more than you know.  You taught
me the true meaning of giving someone time.  You taught me how to think like a free person.  You taught me about the law as it applies to home education (and other things, now and then).  You taught me patience.  You taught me to trust my children and my gut instinct.  You taught me the real deep meaning of community.  You taught me that no style of education fits every child.  You taught me the value of talking to my youngsters and REALLY LISTENING.

I have no doubt that you taught me so much more than what I've just listed.

Thank you.  With all my heart, I thank you.