Saturday, 25 April 2009

Social workers want to hunt us down

Quote: "Social workers are calling on local authorities to increase the monitoring of home-educated children as a government review into the safety and welfare of the controversial practice gets underway.
The National Association of Social Workers in Education (NASWE) has warned that the current lack of scrutiny denies many children an effective education and often leads to them suffering harm."

This latest piece of idiocy comes from an article entitled 'Home education review sparks battle over lack of regulation' here:

Pardon me, dearies, but it wasn't home educators who watched Victoria Climbie for month after month in her hell. Victoria was NOT home educated. Eunice Spry took her children out of school, yes, but they had been abused for years by then and plenty social workers trotted in and out of those poor children's lives.

Really, you have to admit that this crucifixion of home educators won't make a tiny bit of difference to the fact that social workers have let down abused children in various counties. You cannot shift blame like this. The fact is that social workers (NASWE is the National Association of Social Workers in Education) are remiss, not home educators. Social workers do not save any of the 450,000 children being bullied in schools not every year, not every month... but every WEEK. They do not equate school=bullying=unsafe environment apparently. And their blindness, their sheep-like adoration of targets and sayings that mean nothing, like Every Child Matters (why SAY it. If it were true, why would you NEED to say it?), costs children their self-assurance and their basic right not to be abused in an institution that we, adults, force them to spend the majority of their lives.

When NSPCC worker Vijay Patel had to admit on radio that there is no evidence that home educators abuse their children, it sort of gave the game away. Anyone who can listen, anyone who can read, knows the truth. Home educators are not the problem. You can stare at the moon and call it the sun all you like, dear social workers, but it does not make the satellite in the sky the sun.

Quite frankly, if I were a social worker I'd be ashamed. I'd be so ashamed of my union calling innocent people names, and nasty names at that. Mud sticks when it is thrown; however, it also sticks to the fingers of those who throw it.

450,000 children a week are abused. What are you doing about that, NASWE?




  1. Hi ya:) Great post.

    Ruth x

  2. Yes darling very well said , I wonder if Mr Badman will listen to any of it though? . . . . I don't know if us pestering him will make these things worse or better, I have such an urge to write to the guy.

  3. ps NOT that you are pestering him! I mean i feel like sending him all everything i've read that is pertinent.

  4. I hope he is reading this it is so obvous why can't they see it. Oh yes, it is just a ruse to get at us as they are paraniodly trying to control what can't be controlled but can be extinguished.