Sunday, 3 May 2009

NASWE to share views with Home Ed. Review chairman

Well, well, well. We approach a wicked day.

On May 7th, NASWE members are to share their views with Mr. Graham Badman about the home education review.


I suppose because educational social workers are concerned with children who are electively home educated. They want to give their views, the social workers do, and we can bet their views are that home educators should be weighed and measured and monitored and curtailed and then, for preference, have their kids sent back to school because school is so wonderful.

They have a vested interest. Their job is getting children into school and keeping them there.

I'm not a social worker so I'm not invited to a meeting with Mr. Badman. If he reads my views, I'll be surprised. I'd be more surprised if, having read them, he took any notice.

But I'm just one of those unruly, unimportant home educators, and my children are missing something by not being in school.

Maybe I'll sneak into the conference and heckle. No, can't do that. I would be arrested.

I'll just ask openly - why are social workers' views being solicited? I understand Mr. Badman was one at one time or, if I'm incorrect here, perhaps he could grant me a conference to which all us pesky irritating home educators would be invited.

I know it's much less important than government diktats and job demands.

It's only our lives, after all. It's only our most precious children's lives after all.

Democracy in action. Fairness. Quangos.

The usual government path of 'reviewing' something then telling everyone that you, the government, were right after all. The NFER trick of asking who you like and who agrees with you what they think.

The cult of the expert. Three years of college or university and they know what is best for you.

It's only our lives. It's only our children: our most precious children and their lives.

Step outside the herd. Stop wanting what you're approved of for wanting - the big house, the car, the extension on the big house, lots of money, holidays, things... And you must be suspect. You don't conform. You are other. Not one of us. You are alien. You might direct your life, and be a success on your own terms.

It's our lives. Our most precious children and their lives.

I'm a mother - hear me roar.


  1. I'm getting to a point where I just don't know what to say about this review anymore. Every day, it seems, there's another slap in the face for us HE-er - this rubbish with social workers, the even worse rubbish from EO. It feels like it's running away out of control.

    Great post. x

  2. EO are probably doing a workshop at the conference.