Friday, 24 July 2009

The dragon-headed guardian

'Human rights provide the absolute minimum protection against abuse of power that all legitimate states owe to all human beings.' (David Howarth, MP, Shadow Justice Minister, Lib Dems)

I believe (taking a note from Graham Badman's book of how to win influence and hack off home educators) that David Howarth is correct. It is the least we can do to guarantee that a control-crazy set of powerful berserkers DO NOT ride roughshod over the weakest and the least likely of us to protest because we are afraid or cannot cope or don't know how to defend ourselves.

I see myself as the dragon-headed guardian of my youngsters' rights until they reach an age, or more likely, a stage where they can defend themselves from all assaults. From the soft-voiced insidious PR of policy-demons who know nothing of my children's lives to the in-yer-face, stitch-this-jimmy destructive force unleashed by bureaucrats who do not know me or my children, I defend the weak against the strong. Then, again, I do not perceive you as strong if you try to intimidate me as I go about my lawful business - I see you as weak. You have not knowledge. You wish to misuse power.

You are not fit guardians for the peace, for the country, for my children.

Which is why I will oppose you. I will oppose you until my fingers crack and break upon the computer keys. I will face you in my 'V' mask while you whisper your slogans that you are 'passionate' about my children, that you want to 'engage' with them, that you seek to 'support' them in their lives.

I do not believe you.

They do not want you.

We do not want your support, your seeking to engage us, your misplaced passion. Engage yourselves in democracy, support depth of understanding by talking to me and my children and LISTENING REALLY LISTENING because this is our life that we are living and it is not your life. You must LISTEN to your nearly silenced conscience. Be passionate about the status quo that actually works. You must understand how not to treat people like objects to be done to, but like partners (not stakeholders) in a long hard journey upwards towards the light of freedom for every human being. Up to being respected and, yes, oh, yes, being loved.

Are you listening? Can you hear it?

The sound of the whole human race crawling towards the light?

Can you see?

Can you hear?

Are you listening?


  1. Maybe we should have invested in couple of those masks after all, huh? I feel like I want to wear one now! Great stuff anyway.

  2. What a powerful piece of writing. As a respectful parent of 2 boy, who have not been to school as this is not part of the respectful path we are on, I have really enjoyed reading your blog. I found it because you left a comment on my blog save the planet respect the children.