Thursday, 14 January 2010

Picking up the pieces

Gill of Sometimes it's peaceful has pointed out that Balls, Coaker and various denizens of Parliament actually don't care about our children, and I think that is true.

So, if these dreadful proposals come to pass, it won't matter to them because, even if their children were to be unhappy at school, Balls etc. would just find them a private one to suit.

I don't know whether Parliament has always looked like a children's playground with a bunch of bullies riding roughshod over truth and other people's lives, but I know this: I will never vote Labour again. Most of my dead family members would be astounded and probably quite hurt to hear me say that. But most of them would not understand that those amazing people who were from quite ordinary backgrounds and who struggled to right imbalances in this country (UK) were different to what we have now. Now it is all career politicians. They're like barristers, hired to pontificate on and force through policies that they haven't thought through and they never put themselves in anyone else's place. They haven't 'become' home educators who are battling to have jurisdiction over a precious, beloved child's life opposed by ignorant and pathetic wage slaves who cannot understand that we would rather be sawn into little pieces than hurt our children in any way.

It's like the story in the bible where the wise Solomon saw a baby placed in front of him, and he asked what was the problem. His attendant said that two women claimed to be the child's mother. Woman A shouted that she was and Woman B cried that no, it was her baby.

Solomon looked from one to the other. Then he said, "Let the child be cut in two and give one half to each."

Woman A looked smug and nodded. Woman B screamed, "No, no, please, oh, mighty lord. Give the child to her," and pointed desperately at the smug Woman A.

Solomon said, "The child belongs to Woman B. He is hers. Return him to her."

I see this government as Woman A, wanting to dance its puppets, wanting to know every inch of our children's lives. Wanting to have the time to indoctrinate them in whatever our bosses would have us all think.

We are their mothers and their fathers. Their grandparents. Their friends.

We know every twitch and glance from those beloved little faces. We care so much that we would cry, "Give them to her," if it would save those lives.

It is a pity that there is no Solomon. It is a pity that there are viruses infecting what could be such a great institution as Parliament. Perhaps, though, we have outgrown Parliament. Maybe we children are ready to govern ourselves and those for whom we are responsible.

The prophets said that the sheep and the goats would be separated. That we would see the difference in men (as in all people) made most clear and so now it happens. There are those who would gladly throw our children to the wolves and who have power and have no humility and no ability to hear truth (possibly because they do not respect it), and there are home educators who would rend ourselves to pieces and eat stinking mud rather than have our children's lives infringed upon.

So what will happen if destroyers like Balls and Badman have their way? What will happen? We will be left to pick up the pieces. We are responsible. They will attempt to destroy and we will salvage what is left.

Is that any way to run a country? Is that any way to be in the world? Are these people even remotely fit to govern another human being, never mind the millions they apparently can control at will in Britain?

We will be the ones to pick up the pieces when you've had your fun and games with our children's lives, Mr. Balls. You can laugh at the destruction you cause, but we will be left with the consequences.

And so will our children.

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  1. They are not fit, not fit to do anything that can impact on another persons life. May they reap what they sow.