Sunday, 13 June 2010

Tell me

Tell me stories.

Tell me stories.

Tell me of the brave and true.

Tell me stories.

Exciting stories.

Tell me stories.

Tell me stories to let me find you.

Do you tell your children stories? Do you explain yourself through tales? Do you sit with a book at bedtime, making sense of the world through the dramas inscribed inside the covers?

Are your children yawning when you tell them, again and again, how you met their father or their mother?

Do they turn away when you ramble on about Grandpa's habits and little old dog that followed him everywhere? Do they listen politely when you tell them about your mother's jig in the front garden when she saw you taking a quick, sneaky photograph of her. Tell them about your triumphs, your failures, your happy times, your grey days, yourself.

Do they know where you went to school, how you felt walking up to the entrance, what you did there, who greeted you, who ignored you, what you learned?

What can the young know about you from your stories?

You give of yourself - your very deepest self - in your stories. You tell your children who you are, who you know, who you love, despise, respect, find attractive, see as humorous... You tell them more than your stories, and those stories will illuminate the love you bear them and crowd out the boring, silly, mediocre times for them.

You will be illustrated in story-form. You will pass into fable as your children tell their children the stories about you, and the stories you told them.

Wouldn't you like to be remembered in this most powerful way?

Tell them stories. Fill their ears and imagination with your stories.

Tell them stories.

Tell them stories.

Tell them about the brave and true.

Tell them stories, powerful stories.

Tell them stories to illuminate you.

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