Friday, 17 September 2010

Fresh Fields

Frank Field. Labour MP. Fell out with the big bosses. Now is IN with the Coalition government.

From the Evening Post, a report states that "Former welfare minister Frank Field said that attainment by the age of five matters as much - if not more than - what happens in school, with children with poor development at that age more than six times as likely to end up with no worthwhile qualifications."

So we can guess what's coming next. Oh, yes, interference in the family of children under school age from the lingering remnants of social engineering idiots like Field.

Before I get to the ins and outs of monitoring of every little tot in the UK I will say Frank, mate, haven't you noticed that you Labour lot allowed the banks to make a scandalous amount of money in dodgy circumstances and now the Coalition lot are making us pay for it. In other words, Mr. Field. THERE IS NO MONEY TO INTERVENE IN YOUNG CHILDREN'S LIVES and, hallelujah, thanks to the universe that there is no money to intervene in young children's lives. Zippo, nada, niente.

"In a progress report on his Poverty and Life Chances review, handed to the Prime Minister this week, Mr Field called for the establishment of an "Index of Life Opportunities" to identify children in need of support in their earliest years.

And he said the pre-school period - from conception to age five - should be renamed the Foundation Years and be viewed as part of every child's educational life."

Why should you stop there, Frankie? Surely the pre-birth time is the one we should all be monitoring and intervening in? Stop pregnant mothers doing dumb things, eh? You should be ashamed of yourself, Mrs. or Miss Enceinte, for eating that dangerous brie cheese. DON'T GO into that bar - someone was smoking in there last week!

Of course, pregnancy is just too darn late. Better analyse the thrashing tail of the sperm of the potential baby's father and give it a rating on the poverty level of its energy.

"Excuse me," says agent of the state standing at the top of Lover's Lane in Anytoon, "I'll just get a vial of your um-er baby seed, Mr. Babyfather."

To what ludicrous lengths will these 'people' go?

How long before our patience snaps and we tell them where to go?

"What happens to children in the first five years of life matters as much, if not more than, what happens in schools, yet around seven times as much public money is spent on educating children in schools than on helping parents during critical pre-school years," he said."

Who says this? Where's your research? What's the status of the research? Who authored it Stephen Heppell, Graham Badman and Maggie Atkinson, signed off by the great Balls himself? And you can help parents by sharing out the massive amounts of money in this country. That's how you ameliorate the effects of poverty, you noodle.

"The proposed Index would measure children's social and emotional development, cognitive and language skills, communication skills and well-being - the indicators which make the most difference to long-term development - he (Field) said."

Meanwhile, pregnant ladies, women with small children, families in whatever shape everywhere in this pestilential would-be eugenically-controlled United Kingdom beware. The education expert Field is about with his possible legion of clip-board carrying cretins ready to save your babies from the joy of childhood. Run while you still can.


  1. But Danae he *IS* suggesting monitoring and intervening in the pre-birth period! "From conception to age five". The Foundation Stage will start at conception. I don't think I want to know how exactly he plans to swing that!

  2. There you go! I knew he was bad news. Thanks for pointing that out, Fiery. I agree - I don't want to know about the conception part either!

  3. Have you seen the Govt repsonse to one of the petitions?
    the final line says:
    "As you will appreciate, we have not yet been able to consider in detail our approach to home education and whether or not any changes to the existing arrangements are required"
    That is jolly concerning.

  4. This terrifies me.

    He's probably right that 0-5 is an important age... but suggesting that the government needs to stick its nose into families lives is ludicrous. Health Visitors and development (check box) checks are bad enough...

    I don't even want them involved in my pregnancy, let alone how I bring up my kids... gah!!

  5. Oh my god at the moment every service I have to deal with to advocate for my kids(health and education)seems to be so incompetent and negligent it is beyond belief.

    Not only should they not but their noses in but if they did they would not it seems ever read their own guidelines or the law as it applied to them and would mostly be the cause of the worst problems not the solution.

    These people have an illusion that they are gifted with as I say so shall it be fairy dust intead of the muddy spectacles they are actually viewing reality on the ground through.
    From a mightily pissed of, exhausted, let down and abused by the system but totally insignificant individual who just has to suffer from the effects of their grandiosity!

  6. Given that all the evidence shows that Home Education leads to better outcomes than school *regardless of parental financial or educational status*, then I would say it's clear that the reason that poverty is such a decisive factor in achievement is because of systemic prejudices and failures in the school system. The research shows that children achieve more when left with their family, even without any formal education, than they do when sent to school. There is no evidence that the existing school system is of benefit, so where is the evidence for extending it? Why are so many people compliant with these continual social experiments?