Thursday, 28 October 2010

Dancing pigeons and tv programmes

I'm starting this blog entry without knowing what to write about.

I'm reading the above sentence.

Now I'm thinking isn't that what home education is all about?

A lot of finding out and muddling along until you look back and say that everything turned out all right?

That's how I do home education.

I'm not organised into 'Well, let's all learn how to teach a pigeon to dance today' because I wouldn't know where to start, and my young people (after laughing) wouldn't wish to spend their time teaching a pigeon to dance.

Would yours?

But my young people learn their own things, teach their own version of pigeons to dance, and check in with me to chat about it.

And now I've got to go watch 'Have I Got News for You' to keep E. company. There's nothing like sharing jokes with another human being to make you feel like you're bonding with them.

Which you are.

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