Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Ten weeks in a nice warm place

I'm due to go to Nottingham on Monday to visit a very dear friend who has been asking me for, at least, fifteen months to visit.

Not exactly the ten weeks in a nice warm place that my other friend mentioned in her phone call. She wants to go. But she is trapped by her duties and the service she gives to her family and her dog. She can't go. I know of no one more deserving to have a ten week holiday than J. Her tolerance, patience, warmth and friendship is enduring.

I would like to be super-rich to send her on a ten week all expenses paid cruise.

I'd like to send everyone on a ten week all expenses paid cruise or vacation. Out of January. Out of the cold. Out of the thoughts of Christmases past.

So everyone who reads this please imagine that I can send you on a ten week all expenses paid cruise or vacation at a time of your choice. Just kick back and imagine it for a minute. Feeling good? Me too.

I feel good when other people feel good. I feel happy when other people feel happy. We're all connected. Every one of us.

So to everyone who reads this blog I wish you the most exciting, spiritual, amazing, fascinating, easiest year to follow your imaginary ten week cruise.

Just imagine what we could manifest if we really concentrated on everyone's good...

1 comment:

  1. Fabulous, thanks for the cruise! I'm sure my imagination can drum up something more than adequate :-D
    Hope you enjoyed Nottingham :) your turn for a cruise to somewhere warmer now...