Thursday, 3 February 2011

Love that Lao-Tzu part 2

'He who overcomes others has force; he who overcomes himself is strong.' Lao-Tzu - Chinese philosopher.

As I said before. Or rather Lao-Tzu said.

Yes, a lot of truth in that. I am always fighting the deep and utter destructive force of self-dislike. I'm not sure where it came from. Perhaps a father who dealt out unrestricted criticism. Perhaps a mother who never really cared for her own personality.

Who knows?

Only now. After ........... years of living am I starting to say, "Just a minute, pet, y'er as good as anyone else." Sometimes pet feels as good as anyone else. Sometimes pet doesn't.

But the fight to go up a few levels to self-love without reaching the vaunting heights of overweening pride - which isn't likely in my place - is enduring.

Funny, though. Sometimes, I believe in myself. Other times, I definitely do not.

Could it be hormones? Intuition? Memories of various errors?

I still don't know.

I do know that this year I'm on the path of self-confidence. I'm spending time with myself doing things with myself that I know will generate good feelings and confidence. I'm taking time to enjoy being me. I will ensure that I know more about myself and celebrate the uniqueness that is Danae.

There'll never be another person exactly the same as me. There'll never be another human exactly like you, dear reader, either (unless you're a twin or a triplet or....). It's a great thought. It's a terrible thought.

Make the best of yourself. Do be the best you that you can.

Take care of yourself. Because you're you. Because you should. Because you're here now. Because your best can be pretty amazing, if you let it.


  1. Glad it is a good year for you Danae.

  2. Thank you, my dear. I hope it is equally good for you. You deserve a run of the very best of splendid luck.

  3. "I do know that this year I'm on the path of self-confidence."
    You and me both :-) I'll join with you on the walk xx

  4. Glad of the company, Lynn, my friend. It'll be an interesting year.