Friday, 2 September 2011

Summer wind-down

Wow. What a weird summer.

More like a summer and an autumn mushed together. Have you seen those trees laden with bright berries? Isn't that a sign of a really hard winter?

In one or two ways, it's been a hard summer.

It's been hot and sweaty and red-faced, and that's just the dog.

Has education lounged about, taking a break then?

Not here. We've been Chinese fluting as usual. Practicing piano. Grafting away on those websites and moderating as a new activity. Drawing and painting. Communicating with friends. We've been entering writing competitions while not believing that we can win but doing it anyway. We've been off to the Lakes visiting Kendal and Keswick on a coach tour where two young people pressed camera buttons a lot. We've planned to conquer the world on various games and not necessarily this world. We've coped with my mother breaking her femur and ending up in hospital. We have cared for her house and her cat. We've thought about health a lot and what it means to us.

In other words, we've been living and learning.

Doing what comes naturally. What we all do all the time.

Time constraints are largely irrelevant because people who are interested in what they are doing keep doing what they are doing.


Summer is winding down. But we aren't buying uniforms and we aren't buying into the idea that they are necessary.

Sorry that it's been so long since I set cursor to blog, but it's been a strange summer.

Nice to be back though.

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