Friday, 30 December 2011

Nice to see you

Well, I'm back. I've been away from you but I've missed you.

I've travelled far and wide and I've never left my location.

I've ridden on the beams of light called thought and struggled to understand that singularly fascinating subject called Quantum Physics.

I've visited a thousand new ideas and marvelled at a million stars.

I've watched films that made me think about life, the universe and everything, and those that haven't made me think at all.

I've seen the end of the sensational series about a wizard called Harry Potter and his friends (and enemies) and chewed over the fact that my children - now grown - have had the boy who lived as their companion for many years.

My life has changed little, and changed completely.

My thoughts are roving yet revolve around certain subjects and people.

This last couple of months I pushed my comfort zone a bit by learning a few hours worth of Russian.

I promise to stretch myself even more in 2012 by reading Y's Christmas gift to me, a book called Russian for Dummies. And I look forward to ever more happy hours reading, learning, thinking and growing.

Now off to relax with The Nutty Professor (a film, not a person!)

1 comment:

  1. nice to 'see' you hun , Russian now there's a thing !!!