Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A teacher's learned wisdom

A teacher writing a letter to the Writer's Forum magazine has discovered a truth that all home educators know or find out early in their home education journeys.

"Putting ownership and choice into our teaching of writing may just be the trick to creating our next generation of imaginative and happy writers."

Given the difficult ordeal of trying to make children write and read, teacher Fran Slimon decided to consult her class about what they would like to write. Their response was warm and accepting as they rushed into the classroom to find out which of their preferred topics had been selected for their attention.

It's surprising how few teachers realise the simple fact that you cannot force anyone to learn anything. You cannot make them love writing or reading. I believe that we are all programmed to learn to write and read but that we retard these natural assets by thinking that adults must and should direct the functions.

We think that children will not learn to love reading and writing and they must be made to read and write. How can you learn something which is forced on you? How can the natural course of events unfold unless you are left to uncover the treasures that reading and writing bestow in your life? How will reactance (a psychological response to removing freedom of action for an individual) not surface if you are pushing and shoving a child to do what that child is not ready for or doesn't wish to do?

Well done Ms Slimon. You have seen what is so clear. People do best what they choose to do, and, in the great majority of cases, people choose wisely.

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