Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Seeking the university

E and I have been going to University.

I went, some time ago. I suppose my stories have encouraged and interested E. They've got her 'into' the idea of higher education. Just in time for the increase in fees and everything for University.

Oh, well. Timing was never my strong point.

The Open Days are amazing. They're good for lots of poking my nose into places I don't normally get to see. Marvellous. And they're good for meeting people who answer my questions.

I've enjoyed the days. There are more Open Days coming up in different places, and I guess we'll be there, after having prayed for a sunny day.

I'm looking forward to it. I guess the days after my children left school I never really thought about where they might go when their home educating journey finished. Being a university graduate, I had a sneaking hope that at least one of those amazing young people would choose to study at a university. Or was the sheer immense scale of 'home educating' too big to admit those mini-dreams. It's been a while since the journey began. Is it nearly over? Probably not. In some way it'll never be over because we're still changing and growing, and if E goes to University then University will be just another venue for home education.

Now where's that new prospectus?


  1. Hope E finds the right uni. Let us know what she decides and where. xx Junior is just starting the IGCSE stuff. Scary how the years just GO!! xx

  2. Good luck with the search - hope she finds a course she loves.

  3. yes good luck from here too xx