Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Genuinely, I feel totally exhilarated when I find something new. It could be a website, a saying, a book, a television programme. 

And I get excited because I can. No one is watching me as I punch the air and screech a bit. Or shout with sheer Olympian glee (just thought I'd throw in the reference. Aren't the athletes doing well?) or giggle at a well-found witty saying.

Maybe that's the overriding factor in home education. We home educators can be real. We don't need to don our masks, we don't have to pretend to like things or dislike things. We don't have to hide genuine feelings.

What is more exciting than knowledge? Maybe, for you, lots of events, happenings and occurrences.Not for me, though. I'm like one of those dear gold rush miners panning for precious nuggets in amongst the pebbles in the bottom of the stream of information.

A hugely enjoyable time for me comes towards the end of the day when my girls are discussing dinner, and the nature of food, and anything else that their conversation stumbles upon. Better than the best movie or television programme. For me. It's real, it's a measure of how far they've come in the last home educating years, and I joy in their mature debates.

In other words, I am feeling thrilled and exhilarated! And so glad to have the freedom to enjoy life.

(Thanks to Deb of for liking my blog and saying so on her blog. Deb, I will try to write more often!)


  1. Thanks,Danae!

    I think I've commented all of one time over here, but I do read everything you post.

  2. Me too, love this and love your joy!

  3. I saw this post at just the right time. Been a bit sad that my teen is casting off old interests quite dramatically, but you're right that I should be excited that in the process she's also picking up all kinds of new ideas and knowledge from the things which are now top of her priorities. Home ed allows her to do that without recrimination. Thanks Danae - spot on as always.