Sunday, 28 October 2012

Not the post you might have seen

You're not seeing things. Or not not seeing things. There was a post about Humphrey's visit to a home education group meeting, but I shouldn't be writing late at night or early in the morning, and I posted it instead of saving it as a draft.

I made a mistake.

Not a big mistake.

I suppose the world won't end. Not your world. Not mine.

Instead I will apologise. It wasn't ready though. The blog post entry wasn't ready. It was a draft. I was experimenting. I was thinking and writing. And I wasn't satisfied with the writing. It didn't inspire me. If it doesn't inspire me it might not inspire you. I want you to be inspired. I want me to be inspired.

My children always inspire me. They do. They've made me more me. I have had their company in the home educating journey for years and they've taught me every day.

They are inspiring. The young people. They are.

I like my children. I like spending time with them. I like learning about them and with them. I like them, and I'm so grateful to have had all this precious quality time with them to enjoy them and to enjoy seeing them change and grow. 

I know they've been happy at home base. I know they've chosen to educate themselves about things they find interesting. I know they've been more themselves, instead of the false selves that school forced them to construct for protection. I know that they've never been stuffed into small pigeon holes because you cannot pigeon hole a human spirit.

We've been happy. We are happy. What better way to educate your child than to inspire them to be happy?


  1. It's easily done, I accidentally posted using my kids' real names the other day. Again not a biggie as most people who know me know their names but not what I wanted.

    Being happy is the most important thing I think. My parents taught my brother and I to be happy. we may never be rich but we don't need to be as long as we know how to be happy :)

  2. This: "you cannot pigeon hole a human spirit"