Monday, 31 December 2012

Review of the year

I accept that home education will always be an easy target, and that governments of various kinds will try to monitor and assess home education. This is because a) they don't understand that home education is different to school education and that home education can be a MORE EFFECTIVE type of education for an individual child or young person; and b) I suspect although I cannot prove that states require control of their young and the state-provided education is one which controls the child.

I also have a faint suspicion that governments will not move too obviously against home educators because their motives will then become too obvious. Control, dictatorship, 'nudging' people to act as the 'nudgers' expect and wish other people to act are all situations where one group of people judges another group of people and finds them wanting.

We are all slaves, but home educators are less steeped in their slavery than others.

We all participate in our own slavery because we have been taught to be slaves. We are not free because we, usually, cannot follow our own stars and develop our own talents. We are not free because the system is intrinsically anti-human, anti-growth of the individual and anti-spiritual.

We are all meant to be vibrant souls bathed in sunlight and reflecting rainbows.

We are meant to be radiant.

Are we radiant?

Most of us don't shine in our own glory; we make do and compromise and settle and put up with and think that, later, we'll have time to polish our talents.

But there is only this time.

There is only this moment...

So when will you do something to become the soul you should be?

Shine on into the New Year.

And may you fly in all your glory through all the days of your lives.

Have a joyous and happy New Year.


  1. Happy New Year, Danae. Shine on.

  2. Thank you, Deb. I'll try, and you will always be a star, my friend.