Tuesday, 1 August 2017

So proud

I am so proud of both of my girls.

My youngest is a brilliant artist and a caring, loving human being.

My eldest is academic, and a deep thinker who also cares.

About four weeks ago, we watched as she, gowned and capped, crossed the stage to receive her

Yes, she graduated.  From her four year course.  With three awards.  One was for the highest
marks in her school, the second was for the highest marks on a dissertation and the third
was a distinction in Japanese.

OK, I will own it- I burst into tears at least three times.

And now I watch with amazement and awe as my daughters fly into the wide blue of their
respective skies to be the eagles that they are.

Fly high and proud, my beauties.  Enjoy and live your lives in peace and harmony.

Bless you both.

Your mother is so proud of you.

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