Saturday, 27 June 2009



I feel it, you know, creeping up my spine, seeking the flesh of my back, sliding down towards my fingers.

It seeps into the interstitial fluid, washing and nourishing my every single cell.

An osmosis of potency.

Of Power.

You want a soup├žon of hell?

I can dish it up

All opposition is swilled away

In the volcanicity of my righteous rage

Now is my time

I find my power - I claim it

Glowing darkly

Dervish I whirl, and, in spinning, I send the vortex of my virtue

To obliterate you

The foe who would rip open the delicate chrysallis to prod the developing butterfly

Wanton Destroyer

My embryonic beauty I will spread my mighty wings over you to shield you from the eyes of

I will settle you on my back to elevate you above the clouds until you can fly alone on enduring wings

And then I will laugh as I watch you soar and play among the heavens

And shed the cares of earth

And claim your Power


  1. Did you write this, it is wonderful? Again I feel the same.

    I have been trying to send all the anger of all the parents who took their child out of schools that were neglecting their duty to care for the child, emotionally or educationally, straight at Balls, Badman and Morgan.

    I hope they are feeling pretty sick right now!

  2. Hi Maire,

    Yes, I did write this, and thank you for the compliment.

    I've found shrinking the dentist very helpful. The childer and I were due a raft of nasty drillings and I was getting pretty agitated about it all (for them, more than me) so I shrank the dentist down to titchy size. It certainly reduced my fear!

    Busy working on that thought for certain other people.