Thursday, 11 June 2009

We have to protect your little ones - from you!

I'd like to ask the government: "Why didn't you just stop me having a baby?

You don't trust the way I educate. You don't trust the way I feed my family. You don't trust me not to hurt my babies. You don't trust me to look after my children. Younglings I cradled in my womb, that I protected from soft cheese and nasty chemicals, that I kept calm for, that I sang to, that my hands washed tiny little clothes for. Children I would gladly give my life for. That I would bleed my veins dry for. For whom I would tear my heart out to make their time on this earth worthwhile to them.

Well, let me tell you, and it may come as a shock, LAs and government, nobody trusts you. Nobody believes your vile calumnies. No one swallows the bile you vomit. NO ONE. Not one.

The putative author of the scurrilous review on Home Education called (fittingly) Badman is a liar. There are no abusing home educators. There are immense home educators who stand by themselves against your outrages, against your perfect educational system that makes children cry and makes them bleed and kills their spirit and sometimes - so sadly - their bodies. The powers that be can produce no proof of home educators' abuses. They can spew out only endless unholy spin and venomous lies, and the great British public is hep to it all. The great British public know. They are aware. They know that the vile creatures in Parliament have an agenda. To be the Pied Piper. To disappear our hearts' darlings, to lure away our babies. They have a sinful agenda. A miserable set of evil men who know nothing of all-giving love and spume hatred in every thought they think and every sentence they utter. They claim we are abusers. We, who would sacrifice every atom of our parent bodies to protect and cherish our children, are accused.

Even if there were abusing home educators, that's not enough to put other home educators in prison, you know.

There was a murderer called Peter Sutcliffe. All men called Sutcliffe haven't gone to goal to rot.

The great British public know you, you vile creatures. They see your tricks. They see through your transparent attempts to shift the blame from social workers who stood by while children were tortured to death, who ignored their screams for help, who turned their backs on children who held out their bloodied hands to have you pull them free. You can shift the blame, but the blame will wing straight back to you like a vulture to circle you again. To pinpoint the blame, to apportion the guilt. The guilt YOU bear.

In the second world war, Britain stood alone against tyranny and oppression. She stood alone against the full fury of a demented Third Reich. She stood alone, undefiled, brave, and never ever defeated. Now, to her infinite shame, Britain IS tyranny itself. Britain stands mired in her filth, bowed down with treachery from within. Truth is readily smeared with lies when lies will blind the thoughtless and bind them to the will of the barbarians in Parliament and their dancing bears like Badman. Blameless, peaceable people whose children have often already suffered from the relentless torture of bullying are now to be bullied in their own homes. Are now to be sought out and questioned like criminals. Like very felons. Those innocents - when can they rest from this? When can they cease striving and crying, and know that they are safe from the heedless evil of an uncaring system? The Pied Piper who knows nothing of love but all of control.

Did you die for this, men in the French churned-up poppy fields during WWII? Did you drown for this you sailors mired in the muck at the bottom of the seven seas? You brave airmen who disintegrated into atoms after the furies struck your planes, did you die for this? Mothers and babies blown up by enemy bombs in their own little homes? Did you die for this savage betrayal of freedom? Did you perish giving birth to this unbearable mockery? This travesty called 'liberty'?

Did you die to salvage freedom for your heirs?

Did you die in vain?

Did you?


  1. And down come the tears, again.

  2. Great post - have linked, hope you don't mind :)

  3. I think if things carry on as they are, they will eventually stop people from having babies freely. I think in the future there will be no parenting without government approval.