Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Children's right to speak

We're all so big in society about letting children speak.

That probably starts in the family. Do you take your child's view of what your family does into account? Do you ask them what they think?

Then ignore them.

It's the same tactic that the government uses on everyone in society. We'll consult you - they say- then they ignore your opinion and employ tactics that put Hitler to shame to get what they want.

So, Mr. Badman, yes, my children are periodically asked whether they still would like to be home educated. I get various answers from 'Yes, of course' to 'What do you think?' accompanied by an is-she-serious roll of the eyes.

I do admit to a failing, of course. When I trotted them off to school every day, before I saw the home educating light, before I saw what I was reluctant to see, I didn't ask them if they wanted to go.

I didn't ask them if they wanted to go to school to be bullied and brutalised in the name of socialisation and conformity. They've had all that, thank you. But in the home-educating-Now they use knives and forks and fail to speak with their mouths full at the dinner table which is one up on many teens in our society, I guess.

My children do not aspire to be part of the local terrorist gang shouting abuse at old ladies fetching their pensions or carving up one of the few play spaces left for small fry in the area. They aren't among those parked outside the library entrance enjoying themselves hassling library visitors and being warned by the police about their anti-social behaviour. They don't cat about or seem keen to mix it with the stalwart youths to have babies and get flats of their own and a 'life' of that kind. They have aspirations - pretty interesting high aspirations - to be the best they can be in their chosen areas.

So home education has obviously failed them.

School meanwhile scythed them down to the lowest level because everyone who sticks up is hammered down but all pupils must do their best and get good exam marks because the school wants to stay open because all those people who receive their money from it would be out of a job if the school didn't look good.

And we're so effective at being a democracy in this state of chaos, aren't we?

A majority doesn't wish to be part of the Lisbon Treaty. There have been polls. Ignored.

An astonishing amount of people don't want Labour in power. We know that. Ignored.

I'm sure you can think of more examples.

I ask my children - "Do you still want to be home educated?" They say yes and I take notice.

I wonder how many people have asked their schooled children, "Do you still want to go to school?"

It's not a question that would even cross your mind, is it?

So to have Graham Badman banging on about asking home educating children anything is rather amusing. Why should home educating children have the pleasure of choosing their lives when schooled children do not?

Why are we listening to a pathetic group of toothless elders, and robotic youngers, who tell us they are listening to us when it is patently apparent that they listen in order to tick a box to say that they have listened.

It's all so silly, isn't it?

Whatever the Select Committee says, good or bad, I shall expose it to the government's own trick. I shall listen and ignore it.

The government does not hand me my rights like a bunch of sweeties at Hallowe'en. I have rights because I am a person over 18. My children have rights through me until they are old enough to choose their own lives in whatever way seems good to them.

I am hear to listen to them. I will give them the benefit of my opinions, if they wish to have me do that. Otherwise, it is their lives. They will do with them what they will.

I am here for my children. That was the unspoken bond we made before they emerged into the world, before they were conceived, before they were thought forms. I am here for you - with all my faults and all my good points - I am here for you. And I hear you.

Everytime you speak.


  1. Quite right, Danae. It is a travesty that HE children who it seems quite reasonable to suppose, are THE most listened to children in the entire universe, should have to be policed by the state to see that they are listened to.

    Even more ironically, policing families in this way will actually mean that children ARE NOT BEING LISTENED TO, since my poll result of 77& of HE children not wanting to talk to an LA official is routinely bourne out in my experience on the ground: most HE children would far rather not be inspected by someone who barely knows them, and yet who has the power to significantly interfere with and damage their lives, which is no surprise, really as it wouldn't make much sence to wish for this.

  2. Hi Carlotta,

    You're up early. Yes, quite ironic. Children say they don't want to be inspected, then they are inspected to see if they want to be home educated. Or to see if the work they have done was done by them. (On how many occasions did I complete their homework when my children were at school so they could have a rest and a bit of private time?)

    Another case of ask until you get the 'right' answer, I think. Like Ireland and the EU. A form of torture really, isn't it?

    The whole situation would be funny if it weren't so serious. This is young people's lives we adults are playing with. They deserve better than this.

  3. "I am here for my children. That was the unspoken bond we made before they emerged into the world"... both a beautiful line... and so true.
    I did not have my children for the benefit of the state & whilst I acknowledge that it is important to raise socially responsible adults I do not know why this should mean my kids, or anyone else's, should have to conform to any Governments prescription of what that should be. Especially one that has such dubious ethics & a skewed sense of social responsibility itself!... & look at the types of people this government's schooling is turning out... elitist liars like Mr. Badman & brain dead conformists like the ignorant people who spout the sheeples mantra: "If your not doing anything wrong, then you have nothing to fear from the authorities'. Ha, tell it me again Mr.'Norm' when the State is telling you that IT knows better than YOU whether or not your child's 'thoughts' are their own!!!
    "The whole situation would be funny if it weren't so serious."... indeed Danae, indeed!
    Thanks for the post so early in the morning, it is perversely comforting to know that others were as sleepless as me last night over this whole horrible mess. xx

  4. Some of us in Canada are thinking of you all. I am going to post a link here in my local support group list. Your post is so moving. Thank you for expressing your thoughts. Mine are with you now. Keep fighting. Others have gone through this and won. I believe you can too.

  5. I want to offer another call out of support from Canada. It is ridiculous that ones right to educate their own children should ever be widely controlled by any government. I'll keep offering support to this issue!

  6. Hi Kelly and RW,

    I would like to thank you with a big warm handshake for your welcome support from Canada.

    It cheers me that you can see the issue so clearly.

    Once again, a heartfelt thanks.

  7. Hi there, just letting you know we're reading here in Alberta and sending emails in support of your right to educate your child - hang tough.

  8. Thoughts from Alberta, Canada.

    There is probably a web of officials involved, as well as the Board of Education.
    Perhaps a political fight is neccesary?
    The Government has NO right to instill a definite educational system on your children and all children to be born..
    There has to be a way to fight and more importantly...WIN this ?