Thursday, 22 October 2009

Sell your children's freedom for a shamisen lesson

Sorry, I just cannot keep quiet about this.

I am completely shocked. Knocked sideways.

I guess I have realised today how naive I really am.

It's about this. Some home educators are glad to have the 'extras' that the LA and government have promised that they will provide once our children's names are on a register and we have handed in and had approved the plans for the year's education.

As my savvy little Y would say, "This is all kinds of wrong".

For a start, although the money that the LAs will receive for monitoring home educators and nodding and shaking their heads over various plans and progress made or not made will undoubtedly appear, it seems a fair bet to me that the money for all the juicy lovely bits will be lacking.

Why is that? Well, I think that because the government is riding rough-shod over a group of innocent people - nay, not innocent people - innocent children in the name of caring for them.
And they have been known to lie. Yes, tell untruths. Twist the facts. Their pants are well and truly on fire. In flames of the most shocking orange.

They lie. They lie because they can. They lie because they are allowed to. They lie because - thus far - no one has challenged them (and now home educators are challenging them, by God, they are). We let them get on with their little politician things until a huge great stink arises from their corporate pan and then we jump up and hit them with a jet of cooling, refreshing water.

But because no one has taken any notice of the awful things they have been doing as they chew the fat and smoke the peace pipe, they aren't used to this kind of - er -anarchy. They are losing face. Face it, they are losing lots of faces. Faces and jaws are dropping all over Westminster and Whitehall and, probably, Buckingham Palace.

So, apparently one thing they haven't been lying about is that some home educators are dying to get their hands on the trifles and pretties that the LAs are about to donate to them. Little Ethel will go to the school library. Tiny George can toot away on the shamisen at the local music lessons.

The fact that these lessons will appear for home educators, if they do at all, with hosts of strings attached and some of those strings will be likely used to cut the throats of home educators seems to have escaped them.

But, hey, if you are structured and you have a good relationship with the really sweet lady at the LA, what do you care? It's all good, isn't it? I mean, you'll be fine. Your children are doing what they are supposed to and no LA officials would dream of assaulting your throat with the strings attached to the presents? Would they?

Then, the nice lady disappears to another country where she can breathe free air, and you're left with Graham Badman for an inspector and Graham loves school. He loves it so much he desires that everyone shall experience it, just the way he did. He demands that your child recites the meaning of carbon sequestration (and, oops, you didn't cover that particular subject) and then he turns to the test about Chinese History. What? Only scored four points and that was for spelling Chinese correctly.

Well, so sorry (not really sorry, but that's what people say sometimes when they're not sorry), but Ethel and George will be going back to school.

When you protest, you say it isn't fair. You say school doesn't fit all. My children won't like school, they won't thrive.

He'll just laugh. He will turn on you a huge laughing triumphant grin, and he'll tell you that music lessons cost money and the cash for the school library books must be paid for.

With the souls of your children.

I hope you'll agree it was a good bargain then.

But I doubt it.


  1. Nicely put. I have no intention of accepting any government baubles without CAST IRON, LEGALLY ENFORCIBLE GUARANTEES that they have not so much as a small piece of dental floss attached. These pretty things they are dangling are already ours by the fact that we have already paid for them. Tying them to registration is the equivalent of paying for your weekly shop in Tesco and the security guy not letting you out of the door until you sign up for a credit card.

    Think about it. Thousands of pounds of your money goes through taxes into an education system you don't use. You pay for something and then have to sign up to all kinds of conditions, whether it's registration and monitoring for home educators, or home school contracts for those in the system, in order to access the useful bits of what you have paid for.

    It's not a large stretch of the imagination to see this as fraud.

  2. Thank you, Jemmo. Your post is nicely put too.
    I agree with everything you say.

    And I will stand with you in refusing what we should already have because we have paid for it when it is used as a bargaining chip in the game for my children's educational freedom.

    My next post deals with whether the LAs are fit for purpose. I appreciate your comment.

  3. Ah yes, the I'M ALRIGHT JACK brigade. Selfish and stupid. Being structured won't save you and if you happen to be a Christian Home Edder then prepare to kiss your kids goodbye, they'll be marched off to school right alongside the autonomous lot. Can't have you indoctrinating them when they could be breathing the fresh air of school

  4. sigh . . . . . . . . i just want to swear !