Saturday, 21 November 2009

Demands to Parliament

This government is overly attached to making demands of it's citizens. So it's time to turn that around and make some of my own.

These are my demands:

I demand the investigation of the damaging practices imposed by power-mad local authorities upon a powerless group of women and their children who are coping in the impossible position of assault and battery from this government.

I demand equality of arms, considering that the government has all the might of the state behind it and home educators have a handful of honourable human beings like Mr. Graham Stuart.

I demand a cessation of this war perpetrated by people in positions of power who are abusing that power to obliterate one of the few valid educational choices which works well for children.

I demand respect because we, home educators, are worthy of it and are telling government that we will no longer be abused by the prejudiced and biased whims of officials in any form of government who seek to violate the rights of law-abiding people and their innocent children.

I demand that the government stops criminalising parents who are doing their best to provide a decent safe and reasonable environment for their often-already traumatised and hurt children of the United Kingdom in preference to attending to the misery and anguish suffered by hundreds of thousands of children undergoing all forms of bullying in the schools of this nation.

I demand that the government cease and desist from using its position of power to spread upset and shock and cause injury to decent, kind, loving and ordinary people in preference to looking after children that it could look after but neglects.

I demand that government stop mangling and perverting words such as safeguarding and support.

I demand that government stop inciting the media to repeat slurs and slanders against the home education community.

I demand accountability from what are public servants to serve the group of their masters called home educators who contribute to their exorbitant salaries and ample retirement benefits.

I demand that politicians refuse to make changes in laws until it is perfectly clear that changes in law will do the maximum good and the minimum damage.

I demand that home educators are left alone to pursue their lives ensuring that their children receive a superior education when it is amply clear that the schools of the nation are largely unable to provide an education of any kind or to keep the nation's children safe.

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