Sunday, 8 November 2009

Whoever cares the most...

"Whoever cares the most, wins" is a quotation from the episode called 'The Son Also Rises' from the series Battlestar Galactica.

It is a delicious saying, isn't it?

Whoever cares the most, wins.

We care the most. Savour that feeling. We are winning. We will win. It is inevitable.

I do not doubt that determined and confident people can make the difference. They can climb the mountain. They can even move the mountain.

It will happen. Everything has gone too far in the country, but it is our country and we will have it back. We will make our poppy generation proud of us again. No dictator, whether he be German or English, will EVER enslave the hearts and minds of Britons, of steadfast, clear-thinking home educators.

We care the most, we will win.

Believe it. Feast on it. Know it. Let your bones declare it for it is so.

Wherever the wave of probability is now it will break in our favour. Whichever lever must push forward to reinstate and, in fact, make home education grow exponentially is being thrust forward now. Our momentum is unstoppable. We are the force of nature that no mere weak and puny men can oppose. We are creation. We are creators. We are the guardians of tomorrow. We are the keepers of such precious cargo. We are the beginning of our future. We are parents. We are mothers and we are fathers.

Whoever cares the most, wins.

We have already won.

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