Sunday, 18 July 2010


Apologies. When I was young I made apologies for being young and being here.

Now I'm not so young I find that the world does not apologise to me for the times it stands on my toes.

I will not apologise for every problem or fault - mine or not - like I did when I was younger.

I will not creep around this earth seeking to have people agree that it is my right to live and be.

If they don't like it, tough.

I'm getting hard. I'm getting too old to not do things I want to do that won't hurt anyone. I am getting past apologising for my being and my dreams.

I am sorry but I don't do apologies anymore.

I do try to tell my children to be themselves and make no apologies for it. Don't live as if you are trying to please someone/anyone/everyone else.

Don't say you're sorry unless you have a genuine cause.

Don't take the weight of the rude world on your shoulders.

Live your own life. Do not live the life I might desire for you (although I try not to desire things for you and push you towards some goal that I desire). Do your own thing. The thing you have to do.

And don't apologise for doing it or being successful at doing it.

For the world is jealous and will be spiteful.

And it won't apologise because it doesn't care if it hurts you while attempting to remake you in the shape of everyone else.

My little ones, sing when you want.

Fly when you can.

Dance if it's in you.

And never apologise for your song, your flight or your dancing.

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  1. i feel like saying AMEN at the end of that , as ever very well said and you've said it at a very apt time for my oldest who has had challenge after challenge.
    thank you xxx