Monday, 26 July 2010

Children's Commissioners

The Children's Commissioner - frankly a terrifying combination of words and what would it mean to a child? - for Scotland is a chap called Tam Baillie. He was chosen by children.

"Since the Commissioner works for young people, he was chosen by them through a series of interviews. The interviews included questions about what he was going to do to help. There is also a website set up that enables young people to contact SCCYP."

(From Wikipedia)

Good idea since he was going to represent their views. Let the children choose.

Who chose Maggie Atkinson, the Children's Commissioner for England?

The ever-lovable Ed Balls.

"England's Children's Commissioner says she has had official confirmation that her £135,000-plus-a-year post will survive the Government-commissioned review into its value for money.
Maggie Atkinson is "extremely optimistic" about the way the independent inquiry is being carried out and says the Prime Minister's office "has already confirmed" that her post will not be abolished."

This is from

So Maggie Atkinson believes that her role will continue.

What does this mean?

Well, I analyse it this way. Either Maggie is a fantasist who thinks that telling people her job isn't going in the abolition of overt quangos is the route to securing her cushy number for a few more years.

If she is mentally disturbed I think she is not eligible for such a role.

If she is telling the truth; however, we have proof that this government is promising reviews, carrying them out and then doing what they wanted to do in the first place. Just like the last government.

In either case, it is bad news.

In the first instance, we have a possibly delusional woman confronting children.

In the second case, this government is behaving exactly like the last government with promises to engage people and listen to what they say but, in the end, lying.

Tech does a wonderful job revisiting the charming Maggie Atkinson here:

Can't we do better than these dreadful people?

Anyone could do better. Anyone with moral standards that is.


  1. This article is misinformed. Children and young people formed part of Maggie Atkinson's recruitment panel, just as they formed part of the Scottish Children's Commissioner's recruitment panel.

    Maggie Atkinson did not and has never said that her post will not be abolished. The article in TES is similarly misinformed and a full retraction has been sort.

  2. So there is every reason to hope for abolition then. Good. Bring it on.

  3. Oliver you havent qualified in what way you believe the article to be misinformed

  4. Thank you for your comments.

    Oliver, I'm sure that a full retraction has been sought from the TES. Not sure that you'll get it.

    Indeed, Alison, I quite agree.

    Thanks, Elaine, pertinent, as usual.

  5. Any chance she could be delusional and the Cobbleition is behaving like the last government?

  6. It's useful to know the TES has it wrong (again). I honestly can't see how this Govt could keep this woman on when they are making huge spending cuts all over the place. She really needs to go.
    I can't help but wonder what under table deals are going on to try and keep her-and why they are going on? Balls wanted her in place; that alone should be enough to get her sacked.
    I have vague memories that the Tories promised there wouldn't be a child catcher in place on their watch??