Friday, 26 November 2010

Police abuse children

Yes, I meant to say that because I'm angry. Are police allowed to abuse children? Only if those children are protesting which - I really thought, I really did think - that any citizens of this damned country could do. March peacefully. Carry banners. Protest. Disagree. You know that kind of thing.

But I should have remembered the miners. I should have recalled that square in China where the tanks rolled in. We thought we had the right to say no to something that affected us.

Well, we were sadly mistaken, weren't we?

"It's the coldest day of the year, and I've just spent seven hours being kettled in Westminster. That sounds jolly, doesn't it? It sounds a bit like I went and had a lovely cup of tea with the Queen, rather than being trapped into a freezing pen of frightened teenagers and watching baton-wielding police kidney-punching children, six months into a government that ran an election campaign on a platform of fairness. So before we go any further, let's remind ourselves precisely what kettling is, and what it's for."

That is from here:

My children weren't there, but they might have been because they think that you can protest, you can carry banners here and that the police just stay on the sidelines making sure that everything is OK.

They'll know different when they read Laurie Penny's feature.

They'll know that abuse only happens when social workers say that your parents are abusing you. They'll know it's one big CON that government cares for you. Any government. They care only for corporations. The little guy can go get kettled.

I hate this country. I've never said that to you, my dearly once-loved, beautiful country. I hate you.


  1. I see you are as angered & saddened by this as I... When I read some of the foolish comments from the ignorant & dumbed down, it made me wonder if we really have any hope in a land full of compliant sheeple who are so afraid of their boat being rocked that they fail to see the pirates on the horizon!

  2. there is no real rights in this country any more all ideas of freedom are an illusion - this country is under severe attack and i agree with holistic humanist - the sheeple are whats keeping it going locked in their living rooms watching tv reading the rags we call newspapers - worrying about what the joneses think of them or their boss or their neighbours in general - their fear then keeps us who are well aware and awake in line their fear and ridicule - but you know enough is enough - this has to end - there is a demo planned for sept 11th 2011 in london (check out youtube and facebook the love police) its a month of civil disobedience and lawful rebellion - i am going - i used to dem in the 90's i was caught up in the poll tax riot in nottingham (scary as it was it was absolutely the right thing to do) we cant sit back anymore we must fight in whatever way we can - politics is a lie - we have two choices now - do nothing and walk ourselves and our children into complete slavery - or revolt ! i know what i am choosing - great blog D - write on xxx

  3. madhippymum says-there is a demo planned for sept 11th 2011 in london (check out youtube and facebook the love police) its a month of civil disobedience and lawful rebellion

    That is over a year away? governments only take any real notice of demo/protest when many many millions turn out and wont go home at night and if it turns into a sort of revolt which in turn could threaten the very heart of government the house of commons! also the weather plays a part!
    I see no signs of people here in Hampshire in revolt most are to busy at work to worry about any revolt!
    last time we had a true revolt and things really changed was when oilver cromwell took on the royal family!
    if only we could get change even if we did get change would it not just be more of the same the king is dead long live the king?

    We agree with you Danae

  4. Don't blame the country - it's the people, the state that are the problem. The rocks and trees and wildlife didn't do anything to deserve our hatred.

    The government, on the other hand, is a whole other kettle of fish.

  5. This is absolutely horrifying. I had to check and make sure I was not reading an account of a protest in communist China.

  6. I was thinking back to the appalling government-sponsored violence at Orgreave. But at least there the cops were taking on big, strapping miners. To see this kind of approach applied to young children is utterly sickening.

  7. sheperdlass says-To see this kind of approach applied to young children is utterly sickening.

    We agree with you but i am afraid governments dont care about children if there get in the way! the clever trick over the years it to make people think that government cares about us the public! it makes no difference who wins out of the 3 main party's in truth they are all the same that is why so many people dont vote now!

  8. Once upon a time I was being escorted by a policeman. I was doing some work that meant we needed some "protection" and this man was the one to give it. He was in his early fifties I reckon and was coming up to retirement. He told me that his wife was really looking forward to him leaving the force. She believed it had changed him and made him harder, more prone to having violent thoughts and tendancies.
    Now I have to say my job meant I had an awful lot to do with the police and I wasn't impressed most of the time - but this man was lovely. A true gentleman.
    He was deeply saddened that the job had robbed him of something.
    We are a brutal culture and it breeds brutal children and brutal police.
    Add a brutal-corrupt-big state Govt to that brew and what you get is police attacking kids and kids thinking it's ok to attack proerty (and often people)
    I want to be surprised- I do. But I'm not.