Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Music to my ears

Last week, I was in the same room where E was playing some new piano music. She struggled with it.

After thirty minutes, she came away from the piano and eventually, after a chat, she went off to do something else.

Yesterday, E sat at the piano and played the new music. Beautifully. Perfectly. Effortlessly. I was quite transfixed.

After her practice she said that she had found that, most times when she struggled to understand a topic or produce work, if she left and went back to it, she could do it. It was as if her subconscious had been beavering away on the topic.

I have a theory too that, now and then, you just aren't ready - mature enough - to do something. It just isn't the right time. I know that happened with me and Maths. I couldn't do it - always had trouble and grief. Following bucket loads of frustration, I left it alone. But, a few years later, I could solve the Maths problems and wondered what had been wrong before.

Well, there was nothing wrong. I just didn't hit the right time. I was not yet mature enough to cope with the questions.

Recently, E passed her Grade 5 Theory test with a mark of 83% and received a merit. She has her new shiny certificate. E is now determined to bring her piano playing up to the same level, and she will because she wants to.

I am, once again, so proud.


  1. This rang so many chords (excuse the musical metaphor but I couldn't resist) with us here, Danae. When J broke her arm and had a good 3 months off piano lessons, she was really surprised on the first lesson back to play with a new ease and maturity. I'm sure that masses of background processing of information goes on when we're not forcing ourselves to concentrate.

  2. How lovely. And how important that she has the time and space to let things develop naturally.
    My friend has a 12 yr old dd and said something to me t'other day almost identicle to your post here Danae.
    Her dd has suddenly got to grips with two or three things she was struggling with over the last month - including her piano exam pieces. It's as though a light was suddenly switched on.

    It just takes time, a little patience and the personal space to allow it.

  3. yes it is inportant to have the time to delevelop at your own pace something schools dont do forcing children to learn a subject which is clear there are not ready for!
    yes you need time to mull over a subject our son does this sometimes many weeks later he go back to it and will amaze us with what he can then learn
    nice to hear how well your daughter did with the music tell her well done from us!

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog - I'm glad you plucked up the courage and lost the shyness :)

    Lovely to "meet" you, I look forward to reading more now I've discovered your blog.

    Jules x