Friday, 24 December 2010

Happy Holidays

If you celebrate Christmas, please enjoy yourselves on December 25th. If you do not celebrate Christmas, please enjoy yourselves anyway.

Give a thought to those who are huddled in the snow in this deep wintertime. Whatever they have done or not done, do they deserve to freeze?

Spare a moment to think how to enlighten the cosmos, and shine your candle - no matter how small - into the dark regions of this most beautiful world.

Be peaceful. There is nothing worth fighting about; not land, not money, not possessions.

Remember that we are all one. We were born in the Big Bang that generated the Universe, and we are miraculous mosaics of stardust.

No one is other. No one is not you. You are everyone and everyone is you.

Be kind. If you cannot love someone, try to understand him. If someone hurts you, forgive him because you damage only yourself in hating him.

Cherish your children. They are your most tender gifts to yourself.

Have a lovely, peaceful, caring Christmas.

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