Friday, 27 March 2015

Been on facebook

Where have I spent my time since the last blog entry?

Facebook. Quite a lot.

Google. Trawling for research materials.

Home or on Skype. Talking to the young people.

Living quietly.

I really like it when people come onto the lists on facebook and say that they are thinking of home educating (or, often, 'homeschooling') and then I tell our stories or I tell them how good it is or I tell them they might consider reading John Taylor Gatto - anything of John Taylor Gatto's writings.

And then they leap into space and find great joy and that their wings are filled with thermals.

We really haven't recovered from the three blows to mortality, two in the last year, and the final one in January.  Some things take their time, and these qualify as some things.

But, my youngest girl is doing lots and lots of research into lots and lots of areas, and my eldest is thriving at university, but really really really tired because she expends so much energy and is learning and growing so much.

I'm savouring the spring, watching the birds, listening to nature gearing up for its festivals of renewal.


I'm trying a new train track for my mind, and I'm being more mindful and more grateful.  And I'm attempting the rather unusual path of enjoyment.  Enjoying things?  How can I?

And I find that I can.

We're still learning.  We all still learn at any age. Every age. Everywhere. Everytime.

Oh, the joy. The joy!

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