Monday, 12 January 2015

Would I home educate if I were an abuser?

Would I home educate if I were an abuser?

Certainly not.

Home education brings too many people out of their ordinary minding-own-business status.

They can't leave you alone.

I must admit, a lot of folks have admired my courage, some have told me that they wished to GOD they had home educated their children or, in a few cases, their grandchildren.

But now, as soon as look at you, social workers and, even, police are at the door.

It can be ignorance.  "I didn't know it was legal to home school."

Yes, it is legal to home educate.

"I thought your child was at risk."

At risk of what? Getting an education?

Schools that enable bullying call the police in. Pity they weren't bothered when your child was hit in school by another child.

It's a waste of police resources.

Neighbours who have never shown any interest in children before find their caring side and ring social services who are, seemingly, judge, jury and executioner.

Back off.

Leave an honest, loving set of parents alone and let them live and learn.

It's all wrong.

Or maybe home educators are just easy targets.


  1. I hope you are not speaking from experience, Danae. Cops and social workers at the front door are frightening.

  2. Hi Deb, Sorry to not reply before now. No, not us personally, but it appears to be a new tactic to scare new home educators. Vile really.