Wednesday, 23 September 2015

New Vistas

Do you know that thing you were dreading?

That thing you tried to put out of your mind because it would hurt and chafe?

The thing that someone you love was going to do and really, deep deep down, you didn't want them to do it?

That thing.

The going to Japan for a year thing.  The going to Japan for a year and not being home FOR A WHOLE YEAR.

Until next September.

E has gone.  She went to Manchester to meet another student who was also going to Japan, and the other student was going to the same university in Japan.  Then they both got on a plane to Amsterdam, then another to Japan Tokyo, and then another to the city near the university that they are going to.  For a year.

I cannot imagine not hugging E for a whole year.  I cannot imagine not seeing her other than on Skype.  For a year.

But it's what she wants.  She has wanted this for years.

It is her dream.

So I'm happy for her.  But kinda sad for me.

But happier for her.

And what a year of discovery and change it will be for us all.

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