Thursday, 29 October 2015

They don't get it at all

I have just been looking at the survey about home education in Ireland.

It makes me thoroughly sick, and I'm afraid I filled in some of their spaces with rather snarling comments.

They don't get it at all.

They are not responsible for children's education, these authorities. Parents are.  PARENTS or guardians.

Not the average, deficient box-ticker.

They do not understand at all.

So I'll try to explain.

It's this:  You cannot, but cannot, stop a child or a young person or, even, an adult from learning.  The human brain is set up to learn, and does it without stinting or taking one moment off.  In other words, it is always learning, always taking in, always processing. It's a form of computer.  One normally without an off switch.

You can try not to learn.  Go on.  Have a day not learning.  Don't assimilate any fact.  Don't think.  Don't sing, dance or twitch because you might learn from your singing, dancing or twitching.

You can't do it, can you?  Well, try not learning for three hours?

Manage that?  No, I thought not.

With two seconds of consideration, you will know that humans cannot NOT learn.

After two seconds of consideration, you will think why on earth do authorities want to force learning down children's throats?

What do they get out of it?

What can they possibly do by forcing children, or TRYING to force them, to learn?  The only reasonable answer is that they want children to learn to hate learning.

Unlearned people - even though that is an impossibility, being unlearned - er, let's call them people who aren't learning what they want to - are more rootless, less settled, unhappy, often tempted into doing things they shouldn't.

Easily led.

Ready to do things they might regret.

Getting into trouble.

Maybe that's the key.  A totally actualised society where everyone learned everything freely would be impossible to rule.  People would just reject being ruled because they would be quite able to rule themselves without being treated like children at school.  

So maybe that's the reason that authorities don't like home educators.  What do you think?
If you want to home educate, you must register your child.


Again, the state, butting in:

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