Wednesday, 18 November 2015

The unsinkable hatred for home education and the Titanic

The Unsinkable Titanic

In 1912 there was a myth

The Titanic proud and tall on sea

Was unique, constructed specially

Would she sink? That could not be!

There was a firm belief

Too strong for minds to down

That powerful and proud vessel

Could never ever drown

Watertight her hull was

Designed it was with care

Safe as your own house

Furnished with grace and flair

Yet no match was she

The big ship laden

The last unhappy cruise

Voyage of the Iron Maiden

Take care what you believe

Trust neither government nor knaves

Think of the unsinkable Titanic

Large and rusting beneath the waves

by Diane Varty

Myths are powerful. Myths can make us believe anything we secretly wish to believe. Myths can be dangerous. Myths can obscure the truth. Myths can bind us together in hating any group we choose to hate.

From Psychology we know that prejudice about a family of another colour can be dispelled by knowledge of that family, by seeing people as individuals, as human beings with needs, as sentient beings with their own paths, as just Joe and Mary Ellen.

We can look past the myths that chattering government can jeer at us about home education. We who home educate are the experts and the bearers of knowledge.

But it gets very tiring to do it over and over and over.

Leave home education alone.  It has never done you any harm.

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