Thursday, 11 February 2010

Lords and tainted ladies

I suppose you'll have noticed that Lord Soley and Baroness Deech are demonstrating their total ignorance and complete disgust for honest and ordinary people in Britain.

Dear Lord and Lady, congratulations on being Labour or Lieboor stooges. Congratulations on falling for the utter and contemptible balls uttered by, er, Balls.

Since you subscribe to the principle that, to be one of a group containing a criminal indicts and condemns you, perhaps you will consider the implications of that thought.

Lord Taylor of Warwick is being investigated for fraud.

"POLICE have begun a fraud inquiry after a Conservative peer received more than £70,000 in expenses by claiming to live in his mother’s home, which had been sold off when she died.
The move follows a Sunday Times investigation last month which raised serious questions about the probity of Lord Taylor of Warwick’s expense claims.
Taylor, a former barrister, part-time judge and university chancellor, was claiming allowances for peers living outside London when his home has been based in the capital for 18 years.
He attempted to claim his main address was in Solihull, West Midlands, between 2001 and 2007 because he was looking after his sick mother. However, she died in 2001 and her house was sold at the time.
Peer claims £70k for home that does not exist
Labour peer claims £100,000 for empty flat
He said later that he had lived in “a number of homes in the Midlands over the years” but would not say where they were. However, a close family member said Taylor had not had a home outside London since he moved to Ealing in 1995.
Following the Sunday Times article, the police and Crown Prosecution Service decided there should be a formal fraud investigation.
Taylor stopped claiming expenses in November 2007. There had been a Freedom of Information inquiry that month about his declared principal home.
Baroness Uddin and Lord Clarke of Hampstead are also facing criminal investigation over their expenses after reports in this newspaper."

So, if Lord Taylor, Baroness Uddin and Lord Clarke are found guilty, you will be guilty of fraud also.

What? you shriek. You're innocent, you say? You've never pinched as much as a postage stamp? Why should you be punished because other people 'might' be guilty of crimes?

Heh, heh. Does that matter to me? You're a lord (or a lady) and you're tarnished with the same tar as the Lords and Ladies who might be lying and cheating the public purse (which is, of course, jingling with money conned out of ordinary folks). Yep, sirree, you come from the same stable so you must be the same as them.

You're not innocent because you belong to a group containing felons. You, personally, may be a pure-living chappie, but your colleagues in the top house 'could' be fraudsters. They 'might' be criminals.

If you're innocent - which of course is possibly true - I'll give you a break. I'll let you prove you're innocent...

Go on, then, hire the legal aid and prove to this country that you haven't been salting away our money behind our backs. What are you waiting for? I cut you a break.

Prove your innocence. Do it. Now.

No can do? Okey doke, I'll give you another break. Instead of just imprisoning you on suspicion of being a criminal, I'll impound your bank accounts, and I'll send a representative along from the local authority to look under your own private bed for the cash and check the mattress for lumps (potentially betraying the whereabouts of more filched loot). Then I'll question the servants to find out how many houses you have.

That's not right, you cry. How can I prove I haven't swindled? How can I prove that I'm as white as the driven snow...?

Don't ask me. I'm busy wondering how many children will be sent back into a hell-hole of a school and commit suicide because you condone 'checking' their homes and some off-his-nut-with-power local authority prat decides the child will be better off in school. You imply that any home educator can be an abuser, and they have to darn well provide evidence to brainless power-addicted automatons that they, home educating parents, aren't bad for their kids.

Oh, lord, what's good for the goose etc.

Give a thought to what you sow now because you're darn tootin' the whirlwind will be swerving your way soon.


  1. Can you link this to her blog? Great post. Don't think she is bothering to read anything though, can't see any evidence in her second post but others are.

  2. Criminals, the lot of them! Until proven innocent.

  3. Simply masterful! I salute you!

  4. Echoing the above, while applauding :)

  5. Quoting my dh: "Based on the certainly that some politicians are not honest about their first and second home, we recommend that investigators will be given the power to question all MP's children - without their parents' presence - to ascertain which house they call home."

  6. Ummm, yeah, all you have to do is link from this post to her blog, and it will ping back to you. At least it did to mine. Great post, I'm linking to it.

  7. We have some new names for Baroness Deech and Lord Soley in our house.

    Thinking rhyming slang..... :)

  8. Excellent Danae, I only wish there was a way of actually garnering some kind of response from them.