Saturday, 27 February 2010


Funny how this home educating business gets a hold of you.

Odd how you can wake up in the dead of night/middle of dawn/early morning and feel totally violated and see your abuser parading around London in a ministerial car (guzzling your money down its engine).

It feels like an invasion.

Then, that's what this government is good at. Invading.

They invade our streets with cameras watching every move we make, and targeting young women's behinds in their own homes.

"You only have to read the impact statements of the lady to realise the harrowing effect that this had on her. Her life has almost been ruined, her self-confidence entirely destroyed by the thought that prying male eyes have entered her flat."

I can imagine. In her own flat. Her privacy invaded.

Then, there's the banking system. The 'light touch changes' (oh, and we know that stupid phrase so well) proposed by Brown and his glove puppet Balls.

"Ministers including Alistair Darling, the current Chancellor, and Ed Balls, Mr Brown's former economic adviser, have admitted that Labour made mistakes regulating the banks before the current crisis.
But Mr Brown has refused to concede any errors or apologise."

Invaders love to take over your language and debase it. Like they take you and your family over and debase them.

"Gordon Brown calls for morality in financial system."

And that from the moral wizard who sold off Britain's gold at its lowest price, who stripped the country's savers of £100 billion. Morality. A sweet word you can swing around shedding incense from. Not one you can bite for authenticity. Not a coin that rings true when invaders shout it at you. When they are standing on the moral high ground screaming 'abuse' at you.

Meanwhile, there are so many comments and outpourings of hatred from our invaded land for the glove puppet. Here's one round up. There are many more.

"Blair’s relationship with Balls was not usually so fruitful, and it got worse. One aide who worked for Blair at Number Ten said: “I respect him but I don’t like him.” Just in case I missed it: “I really did dislike him.” Why? “Fundamentally he is an intellectual bully. The tone was hectoring.” Yes, but, I asked naively, was he personally offensive? Hollow laughter. I was told how he would belittle civil servants, for example, when they came to the Treasury asking for more money. “You are complete tossers,” he would say. “You haven’t got a grip.” I have lost count of the number of Blair’s former advisors who have said that there were times when they could not bear to be in the same room as Balls. His rudeness and his bearing of grudges were said to “reflect and reinforce the worst aspects of Gordon”. One MP who came to the House with a reputation as a Blairite told me that Balls has never said hello when their paths cross. This is, you will observe, the one known exception to the rule that everything about him can be explained by the requirements of the next Labour leadership election. "

The glove puppet wants more:
"Despite that, Balls is now well placed to contest the leadership of his party when the chance comes. There is no question that he will try to seize his chance. He has moved beyond being his patron’s creature to being a big beast in his own right. The ruthlessness and determination that for years was deployed for Brown is now pressing his own cause. He always said that Brown’s advancement was a means to a Labour end; just as his own ambition is now."

Ruthless and determined? Oh, yes, we can believe that. That's what invaders are, isn't it?

Remember the stories about Genghis Khan? He was no patsy. No Mr. Nice Guy.

Balls has invaded schools like some kind of evil fungus. Cookery classes? Certainly. Academy schools? No problem. Independent schools? Don't like 'em, can't control 'em so invade them and take over. Sex education? Oh, you WILL learn how to put condoms on bananas, children, and no matter if you're too young to realise what bananas are.

That's what invaders do. Take over your duties. Take over your children (because they can treat them so much better than you do). Take over your lives (because local authority sock puppets are SO much better at educating than parents are).

Then there's the ultimate invasion: IRAN which equalled WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.

Send in the investigators. Find those nuclear bunkers. I wonder they didn't PLANT some. A few courageous souls said: "Oh, we went to look for those weapons - but, whaddya know? - there weren't any. Anywhere."



Yeah, right!


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  1. I have something to say about this but I don't know if the words would make sense. So I hope this virtual dissonance is enough for you.