Friday, 19 February 2010

The Year of the Tiger

I'm sitting here in my jarmies – yeah, I know I SHOULD be all ready but we eccentrics are allowed a bit of different behaviour occasionally.

Anyway, I don't know what I'm going to come out with... I seldom do when I start to blog... So here it is. A tumble of thoughts.

Of course, it's different in the middle of the night. Then, I could blog among the masters – or should I say the mistresses – of all blogdom. I'm on fire in the wee sma' hours. Alight with words, stinging with injustice, ripe with acid and sarcasm. Of course I've forgotten it all in the morning.

Or most of it.

Quite annoying it is, really, because everyone keeps pinching my post threads. I was going to post about what Kelly green and gold posts about. I often am going to post about what Kelly does so wonderfully. She quite puts me off. I feel disgruntled that I can't post about what Kelly and all the other fantastic and wonderful home educator bloggers write about because I'll just look like I've swiped their ideas and am too lame to think up my own.

You naughty amazing people.

You really real people.

Ordinary, one might say. Average, perhaps.

Yeah, I'm laughing right now.

Their words dance, sing and do a little miming as they launch into their routines. Their logic whizzes past my ears making me hear a bit better. Their points enlarge my travailling brain so I can see their thoughts and their thoughts are good.

Ah, me. I need a little Year of the Tiger in me.

So what is my blog entrytoday?

It's simply this. I've been dipping in and out of Flip, a book about business. And the author says something quite interesting and important which is, boiled down in a kale pot, is that we must take our weak points and make them our strengths. See them as our finest qualities.

So, on the fear prospect, yes, society – meaning we, the people – is kept down by fear.

Yes, BIG BROTHER is out there.

BUT, when you flip it, WE ARE BIG BROTHER.

We watch each other. We report. We gather intelligence. We fashion armies. We wield power. Fear is just the method THEY use to make you think you're powerless.

We are not impotent.

We, in fact, are the whole cannoli, the big cheese.

We pay for everything.

We 'support' everything. None of these individuals in power could be in power if we didn't maintain them in power. They'd have to go away and get jobs.

In the past, we did away with the monarchy. Yes, the royals were important and people really did lose their heads over them. But now they're just people with other people maintaining them in the lifestyle and all that.

We are the people. We have the power.

We are BIG BROTHER. There are more of us. We have the POWER.

We co-operate in our own subservience, or we don't.

We agree to abide by their rules, or we won't.

"Tyger, tyger, burning bright
in the forests of the night"

The people are the tigers (or tygers) in the forests of the night, and the day and the whole year round.

No wonder the elite are frightened.

It's The Year of the Tiger.

The year of the natural force of tigerhood. The silent and purposeful gaze from yellow eyes. The slope towards predictable and controlled mastery. The movement of the huge shoulders. The majesty of the great cat.

It's time to come out, tigers. It's time to stalk our power.

It's The Year of the Metal/White Tiger.

Motto: I win!


  1. Love it Danae!... they should fear US, we are BIG BROTHER & we ARE watching them!

    I know the feeling, my blog is regularly put on hold by one of our amazing HE friends having said it far more quickly & concsisely than I could have... You are one of them dammit... & I'm sooooo glad! xx

  2. Oh no! Oh no oh no!!!! Never let it be said that anything I said stopped someone from saying something! Helas! As they say in France. This is bad! I get so much powerful emotional inspiration from what you write, Danae! You all just blow me away with your bravery! I'm just sitting over here in Canada counting the crocuses while you all battle totalitarianism and fascist mind control! And you all are so much more poetic than I. I think it's the North America thing. We just can never tune in to that English ability with words. Perhaps we are too far removed from the mother source of our language. Oh no, that makes England sound like the Borg, doesn't it, and we're trying to get away from that. Well anyway, KEEP WRITING WOMAN! Who cares if you cover some of the same ground, you say it DIFFERENTLY! And usually more POWERFULLY!!

  3. We are Big Brother? I vote Ed Balls should be up for eviction.

  4. I think there is a great deal to be said about the power of the blog.
    I am sure the reason there are those in Govt both sides of the pond who want more power of the net. Our speaking out bothers them.