Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A hit! A palpable hit!

I wasn't going to sneer.

I wasn't going to sneer at Mr. Balls, at the DCSF, at the ECM crazed loons, at the numpties on tv and radio, at the parents who thought it was all right if their fellow citizens had their homes invaded by a bunch of lame-brained LA officials.

I wasn't.

But I've changed my mind.

You're all washed-up.

I knew it wouldn't pass.

Because we, collectively, WE, everyone who fought, who racked their brains, who wrote to their MPs, who emailed and put pen to paper to write letters and talked to Lords and Ladies, to statisticians, to stars, to friends and to foes, everyone who fought made one huge GANDALF and shouted with a mighty voice:


So it hasn't.

Celebrate the victory. Today, celebrate.

You're the first people to really fight for freedom in a long while in this country. You're the first to know that freedom is in jeopardy and, these days, the danger comes from the quiet whisperers of Children's Services, of safeguarding, of aims and visions from Councils, of the terrifying tyranny of schools, and from the deadened souls of bureaucrats.

We live to fight on. We fight on to live and breathe the breath of freedom into our daughters and our sons so that they, in their turn, will know how to fight for what matters most.

LONG LIVE HOME EDUCATION - the way of the future.

LONG LIVE HOME EDUCATION - to each child, his own.

LONG LIVE FREEDOM OF CHOICE IN EDUCATION - the world is your oyster, children.

Bally fine job, chaps.

Carry on.


  1. Yes, carry on indeed, Gandalf. We hobbits are with you.

  2. i was doing really well till the Gandalf moment.

    *proud tear*

  3. Grinning like an eejit here.
    Today we won.