Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Understanding home education

I always have trouble understanding people who say that they don't understand home education.

What don't you understand?

It is the UNHERD alternative to HERD schooling.

It is the choice of children who are given a choice.

It is the unfettered voice of children who are respected.

It is the fun in learning.

It is the chance to have enough time to develop expertise in something you like to do, and are good at to start with.

It is the opportunity to do nothing on days when anything you do goes badly because you are too ill or tired to do anything.

It is the route whereby life can throw unexpected bonuses in your path and you are there to pick them up.

It is the way to mature.

It is freedom from coercion.

It is saving your hearing from the countless incidences of ear-bashing racket in a classroom.

It is the imbibing of nature in all its beauty and seasons and changes and subleties.

It is really getting to know your environment.

It is stretching and growing in safety.

It is life and aliveness.

It is learning to know the wonders of the universe in reality rather than through the medium of another's mind or books.

It is the way of the future.

Home education.

You can't beat it - so join it.


  1. Amen to that! Plus, it is spending time with your family, rather than catching them first / last thing. It is being able to enjoy the sun all day every day. It is quantity time, not just quality time.

  2. The more I see the difference between HE children and schooled children the more difficult I find it to accept that school is a legitimate choice for most children.
    It really bugs me because I end up struggling to respect parents who seem oblivious to their children's distress-but still think I am wrong to HE.