Saturday, 11 June 2011

Seeking a new path to truth

"When you seek a new path to truth, you must expect to find it blocked by expert opinion."

Albert Guérard

I'm a fan of iodine. The Japanese are fans too. They consume far more iodine than we Brits do. The women have less incidence of breast cancer which is attributed to their increased intake of iodine.

I was advised to take kelp (containing iodine) when I was diagnosed as being hypothyroid. That is my thyroid gland wasn't working well and when it's a lazy little thing then the person sharing the body with it is a lazy little thing also. I didn't mean to be lazy - I just couldn't help it. The gland running my metabolism was a bit slow. So I started taking kelp, and, finally, finally began losing weight. OK, the exercise, taking loads more fruit and vegetables in and watching my portions of dinner didn't hurt either.

But I blame the kelp for getting me on my feet and making me feel more like the old vibrant and vivacious Danae.

So check this out:

If it doesn't sound right or feel right, don't do it.

If it seems good to you, go for it.

Life's too short, as a friend recently remarked to me. Life is too short for me to shuffle around like a ninety year old. I'm going to go out there and grab life by the tail.

After I've swallowed my kelp tablet!

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  1. Interesting Danae. I took kelp for a few months for the same reason. The docs wouldn't have bothered with my lower metabolism and if I hadn't been charting I probably would not have realised there was a prob either. Sea kelp was great and boosted my temps and energy.
    When my oldest started showing signs of thyroid probs too I gave her kelp. She was seen by a specialist for a while but suddenly her thyroid function was ok again - I too blame the kelp - though I would never confess this to a medic. They are desparetly narrow minded.