Monday, 1 March 2010

New series - mini blogs

I'm beginning a series of small, snack-like blog entries because I want to.

No one is forcing, coercing, telling me or promising me either money or qualifications if I behave in a certain way at the correct time.

Today's mini blog is Mini blog 1.

Catchy title, eh? I thought it up myself without help from a co-worker or reference to a - well, a reference book.

It's this:

If home education is part of the educational system, like Mr. Balls insists, why don't we get the pupil money?

If home education is not part of the educational system, why do they want to monitor something which is none of their business?

End of mini-blog 1.


  1. Ooo I likey.

    My answer: paranoia for the "outcasts"?

  2. I like it too:-) I tried a min blog, called it my twog. Like my blog it languishes mostly ignored.