Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Mini-blog 3: Crazy old ladies

I watched a daffy older lady today.

She sounded off her trolley. Her eyes looked mad. Her voice rose. Her points were ludicrous.

The poor old woman had a total lack of regard for common sense, and threw around words that made it seem as if she wants ALL people of a certain kind to submit to extreme measures proposed by an increasing totalitarian government.

Like the government, she jabbered wildly, chattering about things she knows nothing of, and repeating a pathetic creed that she had learned from someone else. Also, like the government, she parroted the same exhausted excuses for her actions or actions that she demanded that someone else should implement.

Poor old woman.

My mother.

Bet you thought it was Baroness Deech I was talking about, didn't you?


  1. bless her, some just don't get 'it' at all do they? xx

  2. I couldn't help thinking as I listened to her, "Spiteful old cow." She isn't helping me do Lent I have to say!!

  3. Lol! Seems we both kop for the same thing.

    mum6..you could always give up her (the SOC) for Lent!