Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Mini-blog 4: Now the DCSF are going to research

Well, now, the DCSF are going to research home education, are they?

A difficult task since probably very few home edding families want to be researched. A lot of families won't participate which may lead to a skewed sample.

And an impossible one when you know that the people researching you actually are plotting to kill your way of life.

And I won't co-operate because I know you won't do it properly. You'll have a strong case of confirmation bias and that means that whatever you think about home education at the beginning of the 'study' is what you'll miraculously find at the end.

And what is the point since you intend to stamp out home education anyway?

The whole thing looks like a) shutting the barn door after the horse has been sighted six miles down the road in another farmer's field and b) a vendetta against home educators and c) a huge and unnecessary burden on the already-plundered and anaemic public purse.


  1. That about covers it.
    I do wonder if those of us who are registered will be used as 'examples' whether we like it or not. After all going by the way the DCSF usually works I can see the 'research' consisting of whatever the LAs say. Followed by "Look how awful those EHE people are. Thankfully we are here to close the gap in educational achievement for children from disadvantaged backgrounds."
    Ah yes, independent research. Just gotta love it.

  2. Just guessing here (hah) but it is probably another attempt to "understand" HE, and we all know what that means.